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Humanitarian Action: RINJ Healthcare & justice for rape survivors. Safer families 2016-10-27 - We exist for the benefit of the general public preventing sexual violence & providing health care & justice to survivors of these crimes.

  • Rape Emergency Help Line | Rape Is No Joke | RINJ Emergency HelpLine - I was raped. Help Line Emergency Information If You Were Raped | The RINJ Foundation | What to do. Step by step guide for survivors of rape. Rape Is No Joke.
  • Have I Been Raped | Define FGM, Rape & Sex Assault 2016-11-03 | RINJ - .: Have I Been Raped | RINJ | Definitions of Sexual Assault, FGM and Rape 2016-11-03 :.
  • Investigators in the field identify persons accused of sexual violence in a war zone or trading in child sex slaves - - .:2016-11-03 RINJ Investigators Gather ISIS War-Crime Evidence - War-Crime Investigators The RINJ Foundation has volunteers in the field who are collecting evidence and doing survivor support and case work reporting. :.
  • Membership Form | The RINJ Foundation | Rape is no joke. We want a safer society for you and your family. - - .: The RINJ Foundaton - Join us in strongly forcing a change in the way people think. Rape is no joke. We want a safer society for you and your family. :.
  • - 2016-11-03 Recruiting for Sinjar, Kurdistan & Ethiopia - .: - 2016-11-03 Recruiting for Sinjar, Kurdistan & Ethiopia Internship, Human Resources and Volunteer Form For The RINJ Foundation - Non Government Organization (NGO): 2016-11-03 :.
  • The RINJ Foundation - 2016-11-03 End rape globally. @RapeIsNoJoke End rape culture. - .: About The RINJ Foundation - Non Government Organization (NGO): 2016-11-03 :.
  • The Nurses Without Borders Sexual Assault Medical Clinics - RINJ Nurses Without Borders Sexual Assault Medical Clinics in Combat Zones & Refugee Camps - Medical & Administrative Sexual Assault Clinic Protocols & Direcives .

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  • Beth Johnson - Back heaven

    I have chronic back pain and honestly I get tired of taking medication that may or may not work. I have been able to rely on these without fail. I at least get a window of time with no pain. I'm ordering more!!!

  • Slimpickenz - Nice flavor, moist and chewy

    The flavor of this jerky is overall pleasant, and while the taste of the seasonings is nice, you can still taste the flavor of the beef. The use of allspice as a flavoring agent is different from most jerkies that I eat; however, I did enjoy it, as this product did not go overboard with it. The meat is tender and chewy, a bit more chewy than I prefer actually. At $8 for 2 oz, this is definitely on the pricier end for jerky, but the beef is grass fed and the flavor of the meat really comes through. The problem with chewier jerkies is the fat doesn't render as well, and I had a large piece of fat on one of the pieces of jerky, which was off-putting when I tried to eat it. This was only one piece out of the whole bag though, the rest of the bag was mostly fat free.

  • Soul Lover - No Bull, this stuff is worth its weight in gold

    I have a 1991 Honda Crx that developed a small front seal leak at 235,000 miles. I really didn't want to break everything down to replace the seal, so I did give this stuff a try. I immediately ordered the AT-205 and dumped it into the engine. Within 30-45 minutes of idleing the leak was completely gone. I even placed a piece of cardboard beneath the vehicle overnight to make absolutely sure and there was not even one tiny spot of oil the next morning!

  • Jessica Colson - Great taste but no weight loss

    I decided to try this because it worked for a friend. The flavors were good & I loved drinking the shakes but it made no difference on the scale. I'm sure it works for some people. It just didn't work for me.

  • Buttnugget - Alimentum

    This formula was a life saver for us! It is ridiculously expensive and I wish there was a generic form, but it is worth it. I exclusively breastfed my son for the first 5 weeks and it was a miserable experience. I say that because he would feed and then be so fussy. He was extremely gassy, had horrible bowel movements and just cried constantly. Well I found out that he was allergic to dairy. He was getting dairy through my breast milk. I was torn as to whether I wanted to cut dairy from my diet or start him on a hypoallergenic formula. Well I decided on this formula. As heart broken as I was to stop breastfeeding, ultimately it was the best decision for us. My son is such a happy baby now. This formula is great stuff. I noticed a difference from the first bottle, with full results within two weeks. One thing that no one mentioned was how bad this stuff smells. It is horrible, it makes my son's breath terrible and when it gets on his clothes I have to change him right away. My son still spits up quite a bit, but it doesn't bother him, it just smells terrible. So just be aware of that.

  • Marty - Excelletn 2016 revision

    Works much like prior versions of True Image. Use the options button which is at the bottom of the opening screen to turn off all the cloud crap if you do not want that stuff (I don't), and to set up your scheduled backups. Also, I went into Windows Start up and turn off(disable) all the Acronis stuff that wants to load at start up (most programs do this, Acronis is not alone at this annoying feature).