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  • Panda Enthusiast - Really expensive, but really works

    I was extremely skeptical at first, especially with the hefty price tag, but after just a few weeks I noticed a HUGE difference. I'm 5', yet I still ate the same amount as my 6' husband. Not only was I overeating, but I was tired all the time-- I used to drink several cups of coffee and take naps throughout the day. After I started TT, my appetite was cut in half and I had a lot more energy.

  • Krista Manley - Caused breakouts on my sensitive skin

    Loved the concept to reduce the products I'm using and save time on busy mornings. Unfortunately I have sensitive skin - terrible acne as a teen but as I've gotten older (now 30) I don't have breakout issues. Two days using this lotion with no other changes to my skincare routine and I had cyst-like pimples along my hairline and small whiteheads all over my cheeks. Pass.

  • TJhammer - Great Nate book

    New books keep coming out. Sadly, the regular seiries is no more. Great book get Nate to succeed at life and mke the crowd go wild when he goes for broke and is in a class by himself while the all say Whats a noogie between friends while BLASTING OFF.

  • Xavier H. - so far so good

    It is my first time using Kaspersky and I can tell that it runs very smooth and has a lot of integrated functions that increase it value. (virtual keyboard, parental control, safe money, apps watch, etc) overall it is very customizable and has a lot of configuration options, which a really like from a security software. I wish the firewall interface was more easy and friendly as McAfee's but it is not bad at all, I just miss the prompt pop-up mode that McAfee has where before each program connects to the internet you can allow it or not, here in kaspersky it came all allowed by default if it is a trusted program according to their data base. The best of all is the price, 3 PC licenses for 1 year for the price is a total hit!