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Repinex - Available in the UK from Aspire Pharma, Repinex XL is a once daily ropinirole treatment for Parkinson’s disease as a monotherapy or adjunct to levodopa.

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  • Leigh - Absolutely Awful

    If you want to spend 20 hours of your life trying to get a software package to work only to practically die of frustration when it doesn't, buy this product. If you prefer to actually use your $200+ bookkeeping software, buy something else.

  • Miss Daisy - I love the smell of coconut!

    If you are not a fan of coconut or at the very least, the smell of it, then right off the bat, I am going to tell you that this product is not for you. As soon as you open the jar for the scrub, you will smell the coconut. Personally for me, I love the smell of coconut, so I pretty excited. It smells sweet and good, nothing too overbearing, but it is unmistakably coconut.

  • kadjette - We'll see.

    I've purchased an older model and it worked well. This model has a much cheaper feel in hand. It does work, but I'm not sure it shaves as close because of the addition of some plastic molding around the blades. We'll see how long it lasts.

  • Ten Zebras - Love this little brush

    Love this little brush! Used it on my cats and got lots of fur off, they look great now! Also used it on our furniture to get fur out of the fabric. Just vacuumed up the wads afterwards it they look really nice again.

  • Yiqqahah - Must Read

    This is a must read for anyone interested in what a nuclear blast would do. Also have very detailed instructions on how to protect your self from the blast and what to do after. In the place the world seems to be at now, I would highly recommend this book to interested people. Not as dry as I thought it would be either.

  • JayKHN - It really is as good as they say

    It really is as good as they say. No smell, doesn't rub off, doesn't streak, easy to apply, natural color, etc. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because you have to apply daily in order to get and keep a nice deep color.