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  • WeaverGrace - My daughter's choice

    I brought home from the library a couple dozen 2009 SAT preparation books for my daughter to choose from as she gets ready to take the SAT in Oct. She just finished Math B and wants to take the Math part of the SAT ASAP while the material is fresh in her head.

  • edgar daniel araujo - Outrageously simulator

    Outrageously simulator, players running without direction, your best defenses attackers even when valuing your attacker is greater the defender, passes without direction, constatemente balls to posts, very slow artificial intelligence.

  • Irwindale - Diet Pills Don't Work

    I tried one bottle of the Lipozene. It was recommended by my doctor. After completing the one bottle, I noticed no difference and felt it didn't do anything for me. No side affects, but no results either.

  • JenInTheDMV - Clever and Useful!

    What a clever invention! The TubShroom works exactly as promised. It's much easier to clean (and far less icky) than the mesh tub strainer I had. It also needs emptying less frequently because of the way the hair settles to the bottom of the cylinder. Water can still flow through the holes on the top part of the cylinder (under the cap) with ease. This does not mean that it traps less hair, in fact, the TubShroom seems to trap more hair than the mesh tub strainer.

  • WE ONE SINGER - I don't see the improvements yet

    I have the 2004 version. love it, but I bought this one to see if my GPS would work with it. It didn't, and I didn't like the new menus and options ( or lack thereof ). The options might still be there, but Microsoft like most software companies have turned to hiding most options , but simple is not always better. I'ts still an ok program I suspose, but I'll have to spend more time to find out.

  • Josef koney - Cry happy and easy to use !

    This filter is great! Its easy to use and works great! I used to use a container that held water and would filter over time but that takes up lots of space and and takes a long time to filter... This is small doesn't take up any space and doesn't spill or get clumsy... And it really looks amazing! It should last for at least 3 to 4 months though I've been told it will go for even longer... It could be in my mind but I think it really tastes better! And its much more healthy so it's a win win! I would definitely advise this and would think u will be just as happy as me... Enjoy!