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  • Chevy gal - Goodyear eagle ls2

    As with all Goodyear performance tires,they wear great and last this last set lasted 70,000 miles and were still at 5/32 evenly worn. I won't buy anything else for my Avalanche!

  • evan mckee - So far so good.

    I bought this after spending some time reading reviews for the previous version of the game and thought that it sounded like a good investment. First, a little bit about myself and my previous experience. I have some previous guitar experience (I know the main chords, can play some songs, etc.) but I would in no way consider myself either an expert or a complete novice on guitar.

  • O. Solomon - Good technology, average monitoring service

    I recently purchased this system and it was very excited to get it installed. I have to say this system is so easy to set up, anyone that isn't blind should have no trouble with it. The instructions are simple, clear, and I love the "peel-and-stick" process.