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  • sonya reeder - Really like!

    This finishing moisturizer is really rich and creamy and I really like it. I have reordered and love I don't have to pay shipping. This really helps so I don't have to hit the mall. Lasts a long time to.

  • Amazon Customer - It's ok as far as taste and it did help ...

    It's ok as far as taste and it did help my spouse drop 50 pounds after about 6 months of use. It was very expensive and with some research I was able to locate a similar product that was much more cost effective.

  • DaveB - Good Book

    Bought this book on the recommendation from a professor. I have only touched the contents briefly but what I have read I like. Have bought one other Step by Step book which is great but this book goes into greater detail on how Solid Works work.

  • Paul Buckner - The only antivirus I trust to protect my customers

    I've used Kaspersky for years now to keep myself, my family and my customers safe from virii the world over. I love being able to buy it online, for half price (or less!) and being a Prime member, I get free shipping on it...

  • Christina! - Good Facial Cleanser, Doesn't Help with Acne

    I have moderately heavy acne on the sides of my face and sometimes my chin and forehead. I've tried proactiv along with other products and none of them worked well for me.

  • Thomas S. - Excellent set of floor mats

    Excellent set of floor mats. Will not buy anything else other than these. Worth their weight in gold protecting the floor.

  • Hillary bowers - Not what we hoped for

    This mattress is very very firmer are somewhere around 60 or 70 nights we hoped we would be happier but we continue to become less satisfied I still wake up with neck issues and my husband still wakes up with back issues. This mattress also feels very lumpy you can feel the grid in the gel top layer the problem with returning it now is it is soooo heavy and we got rid of our previous sleep number trying to store another mattress for so long became a pain unfortunately our search is still on for the right mattress I really hoped this would be it after years of searching and trying several the one positive thing about this mattress it had no chemical smell like other mattresses we had in the past