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  • SciFiGuy - It changed my life!!

    Since reading this book several of the voices in my head have stopped demanding I do terrible things to myself with a fork. I am grateful for this since I was quickly running out of toes...and clean forks. The use of the microwave to heat the generic brand dog food I have been eating since the loss of my job as an executive at Lehman Brothers has greatly improved my outlook on life. I barely cut myself repeatedly with a razor when my ex-wife and the sheriff (her new boyfriend) tazed me and forcibly removed her collection of Elvis Presley decanters from the unheated trailer I currently share with the a large unwashed former center for the LA Lakers. In closing, seven out of nine of the voices are thankful for this book.

  • Gabby - Painful and broke

    I'm not going to pretend I understand what the "real" tinkle is verses the "knock-off".

  • Chad Hoover - Just another pyramid scheme

    Just another pyramid scheme. Too expensive. Anyone will lose weight drinking nothing but shakes 3 times a day as a meal. They tell you if you are not satisfied you get your money back but that is not true.

  • wendy mccrory - best security out there

    I have used Avast for many years now, on 2 different computers. I had never heard of it, and IT friend from Canada recommended it. He has a high level job with a very, very large international company so I am certain he knows what he is talking about. I am still a plug it in and hope it works kind of person!