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  • Jeffrey M - Although I Did Not Purchase This Thru Amazon Rather Thru ...

    Although I Did Not Purchase This Thru Amazon Rather Thru First Choice. It Definitely Helped When Working The First Unit Died Within 4 Months Of Purchase, Replacement Was Sent Shortly After, And It Died Within 60 Days Of Receiving It. Now In The Process Of Trying To Get My Money Refunded

  • Jasper - the program itself works fine and doesn't annoy me at all

    Other than the fact that McAfee tries VERY hard to get you to sign up for their subscription, the program itself works fine and doesn't annoy me at all. I basically have 2 requirements for security software. A: My computer stays virus and malware free. B: The program doesn't but me at all. This program fulfills both of those. I have techie buddies of mine give me a hard time about how McAfee won't protect me from Malware and blah blah blah so I downloaded their recommended malware programs and nothing. Not one piece of malware. Needless to say I uninstalled the other garbage. McAfee works fine.

  • Frank Whittington - Ink Mage

    Overall a good read. It's captivating and intriguing has a lot of action, some sex and a little swearing none of which are bad things in a book! But it wasn't as good as it could have been. As the story progressed it felt increasingly rushed. The beginning started strong and looked to be a very engaging read but at some point in the book the author just seems to stop caring about the details. It's an almost skeletal read just the bones of the story and not as meaty as it could have been! My advice to the author is next time don't rush the story, let go flow is not a race, you want people to enjoy the story, savor it, and a reader can't do that when the story is incomplete and erratic. It also could have used a proofreader lots of grammatical errors but this book has a great foundation I wish the author would have built upon it!

  • J. Brakebill - Best book I have read in a very long time...

    Great book couldn't put it down. Amazing story of that magnolia coming to full bloom...Chip and Joanna have been very blessed...can hardly wait for the next season..wonderful book and real true life love...

  • Candy L. Griffin - Norton Antivirus 2013

    I would never be without Norton Antivirus installed on my computer. It has stopped destructive viruses that even my network provider had not stopped and the staff knew nothing about. After calling them about the numerous attacks all stopped by Norton, the providers server finally stopped these attacks, but Norton was there first.