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  • C. Siano - The BateryMinder brand seemed to have good reviews, seemed to last

    I used to have several Battery Tender Jr devices that I used to maintain my tractor, motorcycle, scooter, power grader, and a couple other small equipment batteries. This worked, but required me to buy a device per battery and the power wasn't really enough to charge a battery that had been sitting a while if it was needed. Also, the jr's seemed to need to be replaced about every 8 years for something. I've had an LED stop working, wires break, and one just stop working. Not cheap to keep replacing them.

  • coca16 - Fits perfect on my wider brimmed blow dryer and the teeth ...

    Fits perfect on my wider brimmed blow dryer and the teeth are a lil thicker and very strong for coarse hair like natural unpressed hair.

  • Gene Lieberman - Tom: Blow your Horn

    Tom Horn has done it again! A worthwhile review of Apollyon 2012 plus additional gems make this latest effort by Horn the cream of the entire crop. Especially informative was the exposure of mormon beliefs at the end of the book. A true page-turner and compelling reason to reaffirm one's relationship with the salvation message. Hello earth: We have countdown: over

  • Iconoclast - This is a good album but you are out of your mind if ...

    This is a good album but you are out of your mind if you're going to give this a five star rating. Cole's subject matter is a little too pedestrian for me e.g. mostly about girls, weed, money. This is a good album and worth buying but five stars should be reserve for the best albums of all time.

  • funky clunky - more of the same

    ok danceing game dosent really do anything new but if you are looking for more of the same just with new tracks then buy it.

  • C.L. - Waste, did not work for me.

    Bought this because it was touted as "the only thing that works" and that one application will cure. No. Not for me. small patches of poison ivy in multiple spots, not on face or anything like that. used as directed. It hurt! microbeads felt like rubbing sand on the welted areas. After washing off, maybe got about 30 minutes of relief, but then it came back. Still have it, three days after trying the stuff and spending way too much money on it. Should have listened to my instinct and not bought it.