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Purple Moon Herbs and Studies : Welcome : Educating Veterinarians and Pet-Lovers on Western Herbal Medicine - Purple Moon Herbs and Studies' mission is to educate veterinarians and pet-lovers on Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Food Therapy, and Bach Flower Essences. We are well-versed in the use of over 400 herbs, administered by tinctures and extracts (concentrated oral formulas), capsules and tablets, teas, lozenges, ointments and salves, and aromatherapy (inhaled essential oils in baths, candles, etc.). Dr. Laurie Dohmen provides instruction for both veterinarians and pet lovers through seminars at conferences and in our own structured classes. We provide a more wholistic approach to veterinary medicine and nutrition with our homecooking recipes and alternative treatment modalities for your pets.

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  • TEConnor - Great Product. Great Value. Beware the Fumes!

    As has been noted, this thing emits seriously noxious fumes. Buy and wear a proper respirator (not just a dust mask). Open windows. Turn on fans. Turn on more fans. Open more windows. Then buy another fan. Holy Cow, the fumes are incredible. I make furniture and have used every finish product on the market. I'm a tinkerer who has used every glue out there. Nothing compares to this. It's basically like taking 30 tubes of gorilla / super glue and spreading them around. Maybe even more stinky. Did I cover that enough yet? Lol.


    Please, DO NOT BUY oils from amazon! You are not guaranteed that the oil inside is actually YL oils. ANYONE can buy replacement tops, take the actual oil out, refill it with whatever they would like and then put the new sealed cap on.

  • Debra L. Adamczyk - Nice lightweight serum, non sticky!

    First let me say that the packaging is beautiful and very rich looking. I know that's not a clear definition of whats inside, but hey, I'm a girl and I like that kind of thing. It cannot compare to what's inside the bottle however. I like the dropper dosage, its just enough for a single application. This serum feels amazing on your skin, so light and not sticky or tacky at all. I think you can use this serum alone under your makeup, but I tend to have dry skin, so I use it under my moisturizer and the two blend seamlessly. No perfume smell either, which is a huge bonus, I'm not a fan of having scented face products layered on top of each other. This is just a wonderful lightweight odorless serum that is full of age fighting ingredients.

  • Amazon Customer - Unexpected Size

    I am familiar with this book so was pleased to be able to add it to an order of a diaper bag and a few other baby books. It was quite a surprise to receive a copy approximately 1/4 size of the regular edition. The pictures are necessarily smaller. This presentation may be fine for older toddlers but is not suited to the visual acuity of babies and very young children, who would otherwise benefit from interaction with older children and adults as they name the pictures and talk about them.

  • Emily - Must Buy

    After comparing many many lotions I decided to splurge a little and buy this one and I couldn't be happier. I'm naturally pretty pale and within 3 trips to the tanning bed I'm already shades darker! The smell is nice, very girly, and it isn't greasy at all. So far I'm not orange or streaky at all but I would recommend being careful on dry patches of skin and making sure you rub it in extremely well!

  • Amazon Customer - Tech for 17 years. If it walks like a duck.......

    How dare they say that Symantec an American company since 1995 is a foriegn company. They know no bounds when it come to bad business practice. All foreign sol products including Kapersky a Russian Company with an American outlet have multinational outlets. Norton or Symantec the parent company gets its foreign website displayed by PC Matic and are saying it's a forieg company. They were already warn ed about saying that the leading antivirus firms were ineffective. PC Matic corrupts more registries then it fixes and is backed by no reputable antivirus company. Flat out junk.

  • OllieGirl - Love it!

    This is the first cookbook program that I have tried and I love the Living Cookbook. I haven't tried all the features, but so far I am enjoying the program. Recipes can be captured (copied) from other sources such as online and pasted in the recipe. Pictures, website data, tips, comments can all be included. Nutritional data is also provided. This gives you the option of seeing how changing different ingredients can alter nutritional and calorie information. Each recipe is also broken down my a bar graph showing major nutritional data such as fat, carbs and sodium. The only drawback is that each recipe (of course) has to be entered. I wish there was some way it was easier, but once the data is in there you can duplicate to use to create another recipe that uses similar ingredients. It's also supposed to provide Weight Watchers points but I haven't figured that out yet.