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  • J.T. - Very helpful supplement

    I like that the product description and directions tell you not to take these before you go to bed because the energy blend ingredients are active. That may sound funny, but it is really nice to know these things ahead of time. When I take these in the morning, I have a good, even energy all day with great focus and it doesn't seem that I am as scatter brained and unorganized now since I have been taking these. The energy I get from taking these is not a bouncing off the wall, talk everyone's ears off kind of energy, but rather a nice solid calm energy that feels natural and healthy. I received this product at a discount or free so I could try it out and then pass on my opinion of this particular product on to others. This is exactly the same review I would give this product no matter what price I did or did not pay for it.

  • Dan M - Good - but expensive

    The floor liners had a great fit. But they when cheap on the amount of flooring it covered on the sides. I would have wanted more spill coverage on the sides. However, the are better than the regular floor mats.

  • R. Lawson - I am very happy.

    I think this works.....I have one in each room in my house and I can honestly say I have not seen any kind of a bug. I would see spiders or see a web they had started to build, but now I do not see any signs of spiders, ants or any bugs. When I first plugged in the units I did see a few bugs, but some people have reported they come out of hiding to get away from the ultrasonic sound. I am very happy.

  • Ashley - I love this product so far!

    I have been wanting longer eyelashes for awhile now. I thought about getting eyelash extensions but the cost is so expensive and the upkeep to get the filled in. I have also heard that if they aren't properly glued in that it can make your eyelashes fall off so I really didn't want to risk getting eyelash extensions just in case that would happen to me; I would be happy with the eyelashes I have than having the possibility of having no eyelashes.

  • Katya - Not much to it, but very cute and fun.

    This book is pretty slight, but my daughter loves it. She likes to use a booming voice for the big bears and a squeaky voice for the little bears. It's a nice book for very early readers, too, but I think it's more fun as a dialogue. The illustrations are charming. It's an age-appropriate introduction to the idea of relative size. Overall, I'd recommend it, especially when it's on sale!

  • Crissy - LOVE THIS STUFF!

    I am embarrassed to say but I had bad breath (my kids told me every day) and so I looked for a solution. This stuff is wonderful! My kids told me to NEVER stop ordering it. (Teenagers)