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PHARMACISTS WITHOUT BORDERS | Official Website - PSF Canada provides pharmaceutical care through training, education and organization of resources.

  • Donate! | PWB CANADA - Your contribution is vital to improving the health of vulnerable populations. Support Pharmacists Without Borders today!
  • Who we are? - A humanitarian movement of pharmacists that helps people in need to organize the distribution networks and the management of essential drugs
  • History - From its beginning up to toay, a group of dedicated pharmacists launch Pharmacists Without Borders.
  • Become a member | PWB CANADA - Be closer to our activities by becoming a member of Pharmacists Without Borders Canada.

    Country:, North America, CA

    City: -73.5501 Quebec, Canada

  • edward - well-organized tax prep software.

    this was a good program to prepare s-corp taxes. the instructions were easy to follow, and the software was able to answer the majority of my questions. i used this to download data from quickbooks, which made it easy except when it came to payroll. it lumped everything with "payroll" into wages, including taxes, and other expenses. it took some time to sort out all the different "payroll" items and put them in the correct line on form 1120s. if this could be improved, i would give this program 5 stars.

  • Eric Fu - Fantastic Mouth Whitening Kit!

    Recently I have been getting self conscious about my teeth and the yellow stains that they had. I didn't want to go to my dentist to pay an arm and a leg for a treatment so I decided to try out the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit!.

  • Nicole P - If you have a cat who pees or a multi-cat household, these are not optional!

    These are a must have in multi cat households. I have 7 cats. I've used Feliway for years. None of my cats pee outside the litter box. One or more of them used to pee on shoes and bags to claim as theirs. I used to have some serious cat on cat fighting. I've been using Feliway diffusers for years, and none of them pee. The cat on cat aggression and passive aggressive behavior has greatly minimized. Due to the cost of these, I usually only have one diffuser going. I should have more than one going at a time.

  • Sam I Am - John is the man

    yet another great work from John, who continues his prolific journey through the songwriter world. He is one of the best songwriters of all time. Great ballads, great orchestration, awesome musicianship. If you like John's previous work, you must add this one to your collection.

  • Ryan - I love it. This technology can absolutely be a viable ...

    I recently bought the PlayStation VR headset, and let me tell you, I love it. This technology can absolutely be a viable option for new ways to play video games. Also other facets of daily lives (instructional, teaching, entertainment). The head set requires the PlayStation camera to use the software provided. Set up is quick and easy (lots of cables), head set is super comfy. Resolution could use some improvement but as a first generation and affordable price (with owning a ps4) I can over look this as of now, due to the smooth frame rate. A complaint is the cable connected to the head set sometimes gets in the way and distracts as I am playing, which breaks the immersion. For this to succeed the software needs to keep coming, and hopefully an improved upgraded head set is made.

  • Anton - Overhyped

    This game is not that great. There are less than 10 multiplayer maps. The maps are not well thought out and they are not that big. There is only one item in each battle pack and there is no longer attachments in the battle packs. All the guns come with free selection of the attachments. All you can get are skins and XP. It takes so long to level up. If you get like 8k-10k XP in one match you only gain half a level and that match took a half an hour. If you pay for 5 hours at one time you could gain a few levels only and that takes way too long. The single player stories are limited in that there is not much to do. All you do is follow a path, kill some people, and that is it. It follows the same mechanic as the other battlefield games, which is boring