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  • Amazon Customer - ... a bit of downward bias as I have never liked injections. This was last injection I used and ...

    This has a bit of downward bias as I have never liked injections. This was last injection I used and probably won't do it again. That being said, this particular injection has the same problem others do as it has a tendency to saturate some areas more than others even if injection areas are spaced well. The problem, I've found is more pronounced in poultry than either beef or pork. The second problem, is that this injection has a fair amount of ground herbs that get caught in the injector and also clump up in a small area in the meat itself. Of course, this isn't a problem if you use only broth as an injection for example. The actual flavor of this injection was pretty bad. It tastes completely fake and made me pretty nauseous.

  • Herb - Intuit Ripoff

    Intuit is ripping off its customers by forcing them to buy this product. I am the owner of Quicken Deluxe 2008. The only thing I needed to do was download/import my checking account transactions. Intuit shut off this capability in April. Quicken Deluxe 2008 works just fine for what I needed. I was forced to buy Quicken Deluxe 2011. It is really a rental, I think, because Intuit will again turn off banking transaction importing capability the next time they want more money.

  • Kroish - Pretty good

    It's a little bulkier than I would have liked, but I guess it's resonable. It was a little confusing for me trying to figure out which one is right and which one was left. To really get it in there it requires some fiddling in my experience and the sound seemed muffled but that's most likely because I have some wax I need to clear out (lol). On the good side, it came in a nice package and various ear piece sizes. It also came with a little pouch I put my charger and the buds themselves on the go.

  • Marla Woeckener - Disappointed

    I have used Microsoft Publisher for many years to basically make beautiful greeting cards. I use the photos I take as the cover for these cards. The reason I am disappointed in the new Publisher is because the card program that I have used for years seems to be gone from this updated version. Perhaps it is there and I just haven't found it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for hormonal acne.

    I have horrible acne, and it has gotten progressively worse as I approach 30. I have tried everything, every kind of scrub and cleanser, tried gentle cleansers like cetaphil, tried all kinds of natural home remedies,etc. I've loved yogi tea for a while now, am a fan of tea in general, so I decided to try the Skin Detox yogi tea. After going through a box of that with no change whatsoever, I went back to the drawing board. After doing some research, it dawned on me that my acne must be hormonal given where I get it on my face and that it gets wore depending on where I'm at in my cycle. The only time I've ever had good skin was also when I was on birth control pills in the past. I absolutely did not want to go back on the pill or really take any medication, so this was my final effort before throwing in the towel and going to a doctor. Five days in, my skin is SO much better. I'm excited to see if it gets even better. The only thing I don't like is the taste, and I like weird teas typically.

  • Belle Ann - This meat grinder works great and doesn't take up a lot of heavy space ...

    This meat grinder works great and doesn't take up a lot of heavy space like the old fashioned grinder my grandmother used. I use it to make meatloaf and meatball mix and to grind up left over meats for my dogs. I also used to to make old fashioned ham salad like my grandmother made. I haven't had that in a couple of decades so it was fun to be able to recreate some of my childhood favorites. It's easy to clean and as I mentioned easy to store away when not in use.

  • Amazon Customer - Good stuff

    I was quite happy with this product. My main complaint was that I wish it would have lasted longer. I will probably buy this again.