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  • Mike - Abysmally Poor Design

    I was so excited over this item I bought two - one for my 8 year old son who is a science enthusiast and one for my nephew. I was disappointed to find the amount of "assembly" required. I am no slouch - I have over 40 years of electronics experience and am even building a house, doing all the plumbing and electrical myself. But assembling this toy was just a drag. The worst part was having to manually wind the wire around the paper tube to create a tuning coil. It was difficult to do and my 8 year old was not even remotely interested in even watching me do it, forget his ability to participate. At one point the thing slipped out of my hand and all the wire came off - if it weren't for a lot of patience and luck, that would have been the end of the thing because the wire normally would be completely and irreversibly tangled at that point. Henceforth I kept a rubber band just behind my work in case it slipped again. Then the wire ends had to be stripped with sand paper. Then the wire connections were made in tiny screws with nuts - LAME. The "connecting wire" was insufficiently stripped to bend per instructions. The instructions were obtuse and overly complicated. Really it seems like an imbecile engineered this thing. I was so upset I got it for my nephew. I found out that my brother in law lost his grip on the thing while winding the coil and the entire thing was ruined - useless. Coil should be pre-wound and ends stripped. Connections could be made easily with little pre-mounted SPRINGS (hello, SLINKY corp???). It's not rocket science, guys. What a rip-off. I am never buying ANYTHING from this manufacturer ever again (unless it's a slinky). I have never written a negative review about a product before because who has time for that. But this was an absolute JOKE. No kid could assemble this damn thing.

  • Marko Markoko - A must read for anyone in the thrall of Libertarianism.

    I highly recommend this book, not because I agree with it, I mostly do not. I recommend it because it is just about the only book written from the perspective of a libertarian that is not filled with mindless slogans singing vacuous hymns to the Free Market. Mr. Stockman is brings an accountant’s clarity and precision to the problem of implementing libertarian philosophy in the real world.

  • Kelsie - ... and straight long hair and the curling brush works pretty good. I use the brush feature for building ...

    I have very thick and straight long hair and the curling brush works pretty good. I use the brush feature for building up volume at the roots of the hair. I've had Conair flat iron for couple of years and has worked well but I like the convenience of having two features in one. This one takes a little longer to heat up initially than my Conair and the flat iron feature doesn't seem to work as well. But I do like the convenience of 2 in 1 and the brush seems to do the job I need.

  • Cindy Yuan - I escaped

    I was given a high school journalism assignment to do in SF, and while desperately searching for my last interviewee, I spotted the man handing out the samples. He immediately waved me over and handed me a sample (which I appreciated) and then tried to wave me in for a "treatment". I'm a high school student. It is clear that I do not need nor can afford these products. I asked him instead to answer my questions, and he refused but kept trying to get me to do the treatment thing. He was being really aggressive, so I got straight to the point and said that I wouldn't do it unless he answered my interview questions (he insisted that the treatment would only take two minutes, and I followed up by insisting that my interview would only take two minutes). He contemplated, sighed, and told me to make it quick before his manager came. He answered the questions, but got very defensive when I asked for first name and occupation. I asked again because my results would be invalid without (and said I wouldn't do the treatment), and he said a name very fast (middle eastern I'm guessing), and when I asked him to repeat, he said "Max". Very sketchy. Then would not answer occupation, but I wrote him down as an orogold sales associate anyways. Sketchy sketchy.

  • Dr. Webb - Not the best, not the worst

    I have not had a problem with virus' getting through, but have had several "Ad" malware get through. Have had one Norton picked up on and warned me about, but it was already on the computer when it warned me. I don't believe any antivirus program is foolproof though.

  • Ben's Reviews - Works great but needs to be heavier duty.

    works great for straight line pulls but bends under insignificant side loads. Had to straighten mine and beef it up.

  • J Walker B - Nothng New.

    Roxio has repackaged a set of existing products under a new name with very little new to offer. If you already have and like Roxio, the NXT Pro package has some interesting extras that are worth a look.