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  • Rose Vines - A letdown after earlier Fitbits

    I've used the Fitbit Ultra and the Fitbit One and enjoyed using them both, but, after having lost two of them because of the clip design, I looked forward to getting a Flex. As a swimmer, I was also interested in the Flex because you can wear it in the pool.

  • Scott E. Lipp - 2010 not ready...and wants me to pay to fix!!!

    quickbooks 2010 has so many thing that do not work in it that a business has to be crazy to use it unless they do not transport it or use the loan manager. I use it with Windows 7 and maybe it works fine with other OS systems but not WINDOWS 7 64 bit pro. Go look at your "event viewer" and see for your self. You will notice many errors inregards to this program. To add insult to injury they want me to pay them to fix their problems. I checked out this program on 5 other computers (business that had bought their own copy and installed and thought the program was working right untill they looked at their reports and tried using many the program and all its funtions. Only buy this product if you want lots of frustration. For me I will go back to 2006. At least most things worked in that version. It even worked in Widows 7.

  • Dakotaam1 - this is a must purchase for a vehicle

    I absolutely love my weather tech liners!! I am telling everyone that this product is a must for your vehicle. It is very rugged and is great for pets and a busy outdoor lifestyle. Keeps my vehicle nice and clean and my weekly visits to the car wash is so much faster!

  • Willie - I'm a believer, (so far)

    I used this on the advice of a highly regarded mechanic. I figured I had very little to lose and and alot to gain. I followed the instructions to the letter but called BD 1st to find out how little to use in my little 4 cylindar Toyota (13 oz for a 6 qt cooling system). When I 1st put it in, the car was running on 3 cylinders and steam was coming out the tailpipe. After about 15-20 minutes of idling, the engine smoothed out and never missed a beat for the rest of the 50 min idle period. Prior to this the engine wouldn't idle for more than 15 minutes without stalling. I changed the oil and filter after the engine cooled down. I've put 350 miles on the car since then and it hasn't missed a beat or used any water. So far, I couldn't be happier. IF the engine starts using water again, I'll use the remainder of the bottle. Good luck!