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  • Amazon Customer - Don't waste your money

    I tried the shake twice. Both times made me nauseated. Tried first time with water, then with coconut milk. As soon as it hit my stomach I thought I thought I was going to throw up! Of course, I cannot return this because I tried it. Don't waste your money!

  • John C. Peterson - Great Goo!

    Tried this for keeping my hands dry during the Hot and Humid Golf days that we enjoy in Central Florida. Went from 3 Wet, soggy Gloves a round to two or three drops of goo a round, with the added benefit of not having to wear a glove thus promoting a better feel during execution of my shots.

  • Alicia - This is my favorite diaper rash cream because it is thick and has ...

    This is my favorite diaper rash cream because it is thick and has no odor. balmex has helped us through some very bad diaper rashes!

  • Darrell M. - Skip this one

    As the other reviewers have said, this is a waste of money. The construction is cheap, flimsy, brittle plastic of the sort you'd find in bad carnival prizes. You know, the blister-packed Walkman knockoffs in bright colors and horrible fake chrome from twenty-five years ago (and hey, whaddaya know, these are made in China, too!) that your little sibling or niece or nephew that was hopped up on cotton candy hounded you for and after spending fifteen bucks and half an hour at the rigged game you finally won for them and it broke by the next afternoon. And then you found one just like it at the dollar store the next week. Basically, it's one of those, but with a USB interface and cable and a nicer package. The motor is incapable of turning a 90 minute Chrome Oxide cassette at the required speed, so even if the batteries held up through a complete play, you'd have a slow, warbly copy of your tapes. Perhaps with shorter tapes and luck of the draw on the build you might get a unit that could play at proper, consistent speed, or you might have better luck using an AC adapter, but this doesn't come with one. Personally, I'm writing this one off as a learning experience. The little USB cable and the Audacity software are nice to have, though, so it's not a total loss. Then again, I'm one of those who sees the little plastic cup as being half full rather than half empty, even though what's in it is a urine sample.