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Potts and Associates - Potts & Associates, as an organization, is committed above all to providing superior service to each and every client regardless of size or stature. This translates into our placing a high value upon understanding our clients’ individual needs and their corporate philosophies.

  • Potts and Associates - Dedicated to the enforcement of employer's rights - James W. Potts, owner of Potts & Associates, has represented and assisted employers in a variety of areas involving employer-employee relations for over thirty years, at first as an employee and then as a business partner and owner.
  • EMPLOYERS HAVE RIGHTS - Contact Potts & Associates - Contact Potts & Associates when you need Potts & Associates to defend your rights as the Employers. Employers have rights so you have peace of mind with Potts & Associates.

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  • Lon R. Widdicombe - Excellent romp through a fantasy world told in a traditionally legionary manner.

    As the story starts we, the reader, are led to think this a straight adventure of a legionary officer and his companion. However, the broader fantasy world is dispensed one drop at a time. I loved the way the author piecemealed the world building throughout the novel. This prevented the normal heavy use of exposition or the dreaded info dump.

  • Alan J. - Works great. Had a power outage recently and it kept ...

    Had this for a couple of months now. Works great. Had a power outage recently and it kept the power on without blinking. With my 55" LED TV, Surround Sound System, and the Comcast DVR box hooked up, I can watch TV for about 35 minutes if need be, and the cable box alone would last for 6 hours in case I wanted to record something while the power was out.Lots of outlets for whatever you need in your entertainment center.

  • L. Davis - skincerity is different but super effective

    I have been using skincerity for over a year. I have oily skin with large pores and breakouts. Once I started using Skincerity my pores have all but disappeared and my breakouts are few and far between. I roll it on after I place both my night serum and light moisturizer on. This locks in all of the benefits of the other products. The smell is strong but goes away quickly. Also hard to get it out of your hair so try not to get too close to the hairline. Other than that it is awesome.

  • Melanie Roxanne Chu - Super Tour

    This is the first time World Cycling Productions has released the Tour in Blu-ray and the timing couldn't have been better. The intense competition has been magnificently captured with crystal clarity in high definition. If you're a cycling fan like me, you'll enjoy watching all the mountain stages in full in the 12-hour edition. My favorite stage was Number 19 - Alpe d'Heuz won by Pierre Rolland, where he rode away in the final 2 km after chasing down Alberto Contador with the help of Sammy Sanchez. No wait, maybe my favorite is Stage 17, won by Edvald Boassan Hagen after he cut through the narrow mountain roads ahead of Phillipe Gilbert, chased furiously by Contador and Sanchez trying the escape the peloton. Or maybe Stage 12 where Sammy Sanchez won on Luz Ardiden after a huge effort. The magnificent French countryside looks stunning in high definition and I love being able to spot the equipment the riders are on.

  • Jim or Teresa Kelley - It was a very thought provoking read. The only ...

    It was a very thought provoking read. The only reason, I did not give it a five star, is because there was no Table of Contents. I got very frustrated when, I would lose my place, and have to go through page by page to get back. I hit last place read, but it would stop three or so chapters short of where I had last read. will not read another book on Kindle that does not have Table of Contents.

  • TheGermanTroll - Average Product w/ Typical Fake Reviews

    My God, what is in a review. The product is OK but pricey for what you get. Did not notice a huge change that I did in Animal or Mega Men. Beware of the 5 start fake reviews below. No verified purchases but a ton of BS.