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  • jagplates - Not Ready for Prime Time (Fixed in February 2012)

    My initial review gave Family Tree Maker 2012 4 stars. But, after using it for 6 weeks, I have to say that the software is too fragile to recommend. The feature set is fine, and if it was actually reliable, I would have no problem. But, the synch between FTM and fails frequently. Sometimes, it simply requires re-trying the synch. Sometimes, you can repair it by deleting the most recent entries that you have changed. But, every few days, I find that I have to completely re-download the entire tree. (They tell you to re-upload from your computer to You can also re-download from to your computer. Since I do most of my work in the on-line tree, I prefer to re-download.) It is a matter of 30 - 60 minutes to download a 30,000 person tree, so it is very annoying.

  • TonyD - Eye-opening information for those who suffer from acid reflux!

    Although this book has some repetetive information, the basic premise is that 90% of people have low stomach acid levels, and this contributes to acid reflux. Your traditional MD will never tell you this. I have been on a PPI for about 7 yrs and have been experiencing all kinds of strange problems (fatigue, anxiety) that I thought were just part of the aging process. Now, I think these issues are due to poor diet and poor digestion. I have decided to get off PPI's once and for all. I have been off them for about 4 wks and hope to never return!

  • Ruth. B - This carrier is attractive as well as sturdy and well made. It should give you years of service.

    I ordered this carrier for my daughter who has been dealing with a group of feral cats. She has been transporting them to the vet for neutering and medical treatment. She has recently begun fostering several cats who need special care in her home. As a result she is in need of a sturdy carrier. These are cats who do not trust people and which are very hard to handle and to transport.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Gift

    I gave my extra one to my younger brother, hes not good at taking care of his things especially when it`s anything electronics. He already had it for 3 weeks now and so far it`s holding up well

  • J. L. Sorrell - Great!

    This can cooler has been a staple at all my end of summer parties. All my beverages are kept cold like they just came out of the fridge, even an hour after I pulled it out. The top unscrews easily to put your can or bottle in and keeps it securely in place while helping to prevent spills by being bottom-heavy. I didn't notice any condensation on the outside of the coozie when I used it, but the weather was fairly mild and could see it possibly happening in really hot weather. Cold drinks, stays upright (when not being knocked over by little kids or clumsy family members), doesn't make my hand cold in the cooler weather and one of the best coozies I've ever owned. Can't wait to test it out in the middle of summer in 90° heat.

  • Amazon Customer - Worst $30 spent!

    The headphones are good for the 10 minutes that they last before the battery runs it. They are horrible and take forever to charge and do not even work right. If I could give it a zero I would. Worst $30 spent.