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Pinnacle Integrative Health | Acupuncture | Weight Loss Clinic Seattle - Pinnacle is one of the foremost Weight Loss & Acupuncture Clinic in Seattle, WA. Our goal is to help you to get healthy & free of pain naturally!

  • About Us | Pinnacle Integrative Health Clinic Seattle WA - Pinnacle provides various weight loss management programs, acupuncturist, medical diagnostic services in Seattle WA.
  • Our Purpose| Pinnacle Integrative Health Center Seattle WA - Pinnacle offers you various diagnostic & testing services in seattle WA. We are well known for various therapies and treatment for your good health.
  • Pinnacle Integrative Health Clinic Seattle WA - Contact us for best acupuncture, weight loss, stem cell, neuropathy, trigger point therapy and more such treatments.
  • Our Providers | Pinnacle Integrative Health Clinic Seattle WA - Pinnacle Integrative are professional health clinic in Seattle offering treatments for good health of peoples.
  • Pinnacle Integrative Health Clinic Services Seattle WA - We offer various medical services like stem cell therapy, trigger point therapy, acupuncture treatments and more such services.
  • Acupuncture Clinic in Seattle | Pinnacle Integrative WA - Pinnacle Integrative has best acupuncturist in Seattle. We are well known acupuncture clinic in Seattle WA.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine | Pinnacle Integrative Seattle - Best Chinese Herbal Medicine in Seattle is provided by Pinnacle Integrative. They offer quality herbs medicine in Seattle WA.
  • Acupuncture FAQs | How does Acupuncture Work | Acupuncture Safe - Acupuncture FAQs like How does Acupuncture work, How safe is Acupuncture, Will my insurance cover my acupuncture treatments - Pinnacle Integrative Health
  • Medical Services, Medical Weight Loss Consultant Seattle, WA - Pinnacle Integrative Health, Seattle's best medical services provider. We offer medical diagnosis & consultations, medical weight loss and stem cell therapy
  • Medical Diagnostic Services | Pinnacle Integrative Seattle - We provide best medical diagnostic testing services in Seattle. Pinnacle is professional diagnostic imaging clinic in Seattle WA.
  • Medical Weight Loss Programs Seattle | Weight Management Clinic | Pinnacle - Pinnacle is well known medical weight loss clinic located in Seattle WA. At our centers we conduct various weight management programs.
  • Food Allergy Testing | Sensitivity Treatments | Pinnacle Integrative Seattle - Pinnacle Integrative offers allergy testing for food allergy & sensitivity testings. Food allergy treatments are analyzed through skin tests.
  • Immunotherapy Allergy Clinic Seattle | Pinnacle Integrative - Pinnacle Integrative is well known Immunotherapy allergy therapy clinic in Seattle WA.
  • Migraine Headache Treatment Seattle | Pinnacle Integrative - Pinnacle Integrative offers best headache treatment in Seattle WA. We have best Migraine headache specialist at our clinic in Seattle.
  • Neuropathy | Numb Feet Treatment Seattle | Pinnacle - Pinnacle Integrative offers best Neuropathy Treatment in Seattle WA. We offer numb feet treatment at our clinic in Seattle.
  • Balance Hormones Solution | Natural Therapy Seattle | Pinnacle - Pinnacle offers Hormone Solution naturally in Seattle WA. We provide best hormone replacement therapy in Seattle.
  • SUPARTZ Joint Fluid Therapy Seattle | Osteoarthritis Treatment | Pinnacle - Pinnacle Integrative offers best SUPARTZ Joint Fluid Therapy in Seattle WA. We offer Osteoarthritis Treatment at our clinic in Seattle.
  • Trigger Point Injections | TPI Therapy Seattle | Pinnacle - Pinnacle Integrative offers TPI and trigger point therapy in Seattle WA. We also offers trigger point injections in Seattle.
  • Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy seattle | Joint Treatment | Pinnacle - We provide best Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy in Seattle. Pinnacle is professional stem cell therapy for joints in Seattle WA.
  • Corporate | Employee Wellness Program Seattle | Pinnacle - Pinnacle Integrative Health offers you best corporate wellness programs for employee in Seattle WA.
  • Pinnacle Integrative Seattle | Weight Loss Programs | Acupuncturist - Pinnacle Integrative Health is premier medical weight loss expert, steam cell treatments and acupuncturist in Seattle, Washington.

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  • Robert G - Do not buy!

    I do not have the 2012 version but I have the 2010 version. I had the old ACT program by Symantec. It was good so I finally broke down and bought the 2010 ACT sotware by Sage. What a mistake! This is horrible software and the features are not as good as my 10 year old software. I had a problem with a report and called Sage about it. Two years later and I am still waiting for it to be fixed. Their service people have preconceived notions about how you should use the CRM and have a dificult time understanding you if you do not use it that way. I wiuld put a zero down for customer support if it were available. The functionality, product quality, and ease of use are all in question. Too many things do not work like they should. I was surveyed at least two times and was aked if I wanted to be contacted by Sage. I said "yes" both times but no contact. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • Joe Armstrong - Best stroller on the market!

    We have had many strollers. Many many strollers. In the first year of my son's life we have had 11 strollers. My wife is a bit of a stroller collector. His is by far he best stroller we have purchased. The shade canopy is unsurpassed. At all angles he sun is off baby's face. The rear facing and forward facing options are very handy to keep the baby out of the sun. The bug net and rain shield are great and come in very handy. The fact that the big bet can be zippered on is a nice touch as there are no gaps. The rain shield actually covers the basket as well. The telescoping handle is perfect for my wife and I as we are tall. My son loves that the seat angles up, it makes him feel more secure in it. The memory foam padding on the seat itself keeps him happy. Overall an excellent stroller. The only cons I found are 1. The wheels really aren't all terrain. They have trouble over gravel and softer dirt and 2. While the angle of the seat keeps my son secure, it also makes diaper changes in the stroller nearly impossible with a squirming toddler.

  • Alison Kohler - Not worth it for me!

    Loved the look for two months! Then the door hinge loosened and the door was hanging and fell off. Not a happy jeeper!

  • Tiffany B. - 2013 jeep wrangler rubicon

    Fit perfectly in the center I did not use the double sided tape just placed it lk that and it still fits good very comfortable in my opinion it's soft but not to soft I would recommend to a friend.

  • LM1000 - Very fun, but some flaws

    Very fun game. If you want a game with music and dancing that you will have fun with, this is a good purchase.

  • XRADR - Great starter road bike, great price point

    Overall, I thought this was a great starter bike. If you are a relatively inexperienced cyclist (like me), I would recommend having it professionally assembled and tuned at your local bike shop (LBS). I took off 1 star because of the packaging/shipping. When it arrived, the box had holes from where the rear derailleur had poked through. When I took it to my LBS, they said it was damaged. The front rim was slightly bent, requiring a little re-working and adjustment of the spokes. Additionally, the pin for the presta nozzle for the rear tire wasn't present (might have come off or been pushed in during shipping). All in all the bike itself is great, but looks like it was a little mishandled in shipping resulting in some issues (which LBS can usually resolve).