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Over the Counter Drugs & Medication, South Africa - Reliable name in the pharmaceutical industry among healthcare professionals and patients. Headquartered in Cape Town, offers a wide range of OTC medications.

  • Heart of the matter - Erectile dysfunction - an inability to achieve and sustain an erection for pleasing sexual penetration - could be an indicator of heart problems.
  • POLLEN MIGHT NOT BE THE BIGGEST CULPRIT BEHIND SA’s HAYFEVER WOES - What are the main and unusual allergens causing hayfever woes in SA? Pollen, red wine, humidifiers, some forms of vegetables can all lead to hayfever.

    Country:, Africa, ZA

    City: 24 , South Africa

  • Angie - Hallmark Card Studio 2012

    The Hallmark Card Studio is an awesome way to make/create cards; personalize them and have them be totally unique. The only drawback is that I had the 2008 Hallmark Card Studio and it is not backwards compatible. So if you already have an earlier version of the program and have projects you have saved, you will not be able to open them; not even in the original program. Be creative; be bold and enjoy the reactions to the fun cards and projects you can make.

  • Bookmom - Stay away from this product

    My financial records are in a total mess right now because of Quicken. I had to change over from Money, which I had been using successfully for 8 years--seems to me that the wrong product has been discontinued. Quicken is not working properly with my bank and quicken says the problem is with their server. I installed the program over a month ago and it never has been fully operational--but now, it's worse than ever with my register showing multiple payments for a single bill, and I get the "Quicken has encountered an error and needs to close" when I try to do an automatic update. I spent three hours on a combination of chats and multiple phone calls last week--a miserable experience. This morning I received an email that "the issue has been resolved." But the same email also included instructions that if my update was not successful, then I should "try again in another business day." Good thing they included that comment because the issue is NOT resolved.