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  • Why Convenience is Key to Optimizing Patient Bill Pay Protocol - At Family Health Care Medical Group of Modesto, utilizing digital tools help optimize their patient bill pay protocols by making the process more convenient.
  • Pharmacists Can Build Relationships for Chronic Disease Management - According to clinical pharmacist Chuck Riepenhoff, medication therapy management programs help improve chronic disease management through patient relationships.
  • Patient Preferences Key to HIE Patient Access to Health Data - In a recent interview, Christina Galanis from HealthlinkNY explained how the HIE is catering to patient preferences to facilitate patient access to health data.
  • Final MACRA Implementation Rule to Drive Patient Engagement - HHS has finalized MACRA, establishing the Quality Payment Program which will help drive patient engagement and patient-centered healthcare via its requirements.
  • How mHealth Technology Supports Patient Engagement Strategies - mHealth technology helps providers reach their patients between office visits, serving as a critical patient engagement strategy to support value-based care.
  • How Will MACRA Impact Patient Engagement, Care Coordination? - As the first reporting period draws nearer, providers will need to understand the patient engagement and care coordination requirements listed under MACRA.
  • How Patient Engagement Supports Chronic Disease Management - Patient engagement is an important skill for providers to employ to succeed in chronic disease management and value-based healthcare.
  • Patient-Provider Communication Strategy May Boost Education - A recent AHRQ guide explains how to implement a new patient-provider communication strategy, patient teach-back. The technique may boost patient education.
  • Retail Price Transparency Tips Can Boost Patient-Centered Care - A new PwC report shows that retail price transparency may be helpful for health systems adjusting to increased patient financial responsibility in healthcare.
  • How PCPs Can Improve Mental Health Communication, Care Value - New research shows that primary care physicians should improve mental health communications in order to increase the value of primary care visits.
  • Sutter Health Selected for Patient-Generated Health Data Pilot - In partnership with the ONC, Accenture Federal Services selected Sutter Health and AMITA Health to pilot projects for integrating patient-generated health data.

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  • John J - Of course it will last a lifetime. Its metal!

    What's interesting is there are so many people reviewing these knives who are wowed and claim they last a lifetime - had them for 10, 20, 30, 40 plus years. No kidding, its a piece of metal. The knife blade isn't going to just break if you use it like a knife and not like a pry bar. I find the balance to be off, especially compared to a serious knife like a Wustoff. The Cutco handle feels cheep in the hand and his set so far back from the blade one can not get a proper hold. I actually like the inexpensive department store knife in my kitchen drawer a lot better, and guess what? It will last a lifetime too! I maintain my knives on a decent set of sharpening stones and they remain razor sharp. There is absolutely nothing special about the Cutco. Its an okay knife and the handle comfort may be subjective, however, they are definitely not worth the price. I too sat in on a sales pitch by a friend's daughter who, quite frankly, just wasnt old enough to really know what she was talking about when it came to kitchen cutlery. Zero credibility. And why in the world would I cut rope with a kitchen knife? Lame. Use the right tool for the right job. I don't cut tomatoes with my outdoor knife, and I don't cut rope with my kitchen knife.

  • K Woods - 3.7 Liter

    Installed this cai on my 2011 f150 3.7 liter engine, and what can I say?! Engine sounds ++ better. Great boost in power. Haven't seen the increase in mpg as of yet since I only had it on a week, that could also be due to me given er more then usual ;)

  • Miguel Morales - Great deal!

    Purchased these after having to purchase them at local stores from 29-33 plus tax and having to only purchase 2 at a time due to low stock. This is definitely a great price and all of the cans came with over 2 years left on shelf life and well packaged. Definitely a great deal, I was skeptical based on past reviews, but glad I made the leap on this phenomenal deal.