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  • Andrew Miller - Good quality, install carefully

    As others have said, the removal of the covers necessary to install the cross bars is tricky. My best advice would be to know that the tabs holding the covers have a "lip" that curls under their counterparts on the vehicle. So, getting on or above the roof and pushing down with some force before attempting to "pop" the tabs out of place might help. Good luck, though - Toyota made them to not come off! Damn engineers....I broke a few of the tabs on each cover; the good news is that they went back on and made it through the car wash without flying off!

  • Tyler Durden - Nothing but praise

    I have been using sea foam for about 10 years. I use in all of my gasoline engines, including 2 stroke.

  • Andantelle - Living Cookbook is superior to the cheaper MasterCook

    Living Cookbook is superior to the cheaper MasterCook. My first digital cookbook was MasterCook. I didn't want to spend much because I wasn't sure whether I would use a digital cookbook. I really liked the nutritional and the calorie information but I didn't like the format of the recipes and the when they were organized. The software was clunky, and I needed to step up to a better software.

  • Cristian Guevara - Either my bad luck or stay away from this Clear coat product for whites

    I used this with the Duplicolor white which looked great and even right after the final coat of clear but after 12 hours + the wheels started yellowing so bad. I resprayed one wheel with white after removing some imperfections and cleared right after and the freshly repainted one next to the ones sprayed the day before was a major difference. Truly disappointed in the clear coat product. Will have to redo all 4 wheels again with a different brand of clear coat and hope for much better results . I have white car, imagine some cream colored looking wheels on it.....

  • Stephanie - Douglas always delivers

    I love Penelope Douglas!!! I have read a few of her books twice which is unusual for me but her heroines are always strong and witty and it's hard to find women like that in romance novels in my experience. Also, no one can write ANGST like she can. I have yet to be disappointed by one of her novels and this one is no different. I even cried a little because I felt I could relate and I think many others will feel the same. Definitely not a book to pass up and definitely worth the money spent. I am sure I will re read it in a few months!

  • Deborah G. - Piece of junk!

    I bought this in Sept. 2011. I've used it 14 times and now it doesn't work. It won't attach to my iPad2. It was ok when it worked but for the money, I thought it would last longer than 7 months! I'm an adult who lives alone so there are no little kids playing with it and I take very good care of my belongings. Buy something else.