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  • boubacar sacko - This book is not only telling about how the elite ...

    This book is not only telling about how the elite take over the USA but how that affect all the rest of the world

  • Sheila Dayton - Welcome Back Roe!

    I feel like a loved friend has returned to me! I have read (and reread!) the Aurora Teagarden mysteries so many times, the characters feel like old friends. And I'm so happy to have Roe and Robin back sluething! When I first pulled the book out of the Amazon package, I was a bit disappointed to see what a small book it was - but then, the series has always been shorter books. The plus side to that, is that the story is all action (nothing makes me bored more quickly than an author who devotes several pages to describing the setting - at some point I don't care about the texture of the curtains or the plushness of the carpets - just get on with it! But I guess they have to do something to get those books so long!). The writing is well done, the plot is very good. I thought Aurora was a little slow in figuring out "whodunnit" but that slowness was in many ways consistent with everything going on in her life - those early days of pregnancy with public vomiting and feeling so tired and foggy were right on the money. I also appreciated how the book captured the horror of bullying gone amuck and the hell that parenting without boundaries being set for kids can lead to. I loved this book. And I think every fan of this series will love it as well. Please Ms Harris - bring us more - I need to hear how motherhood is going for Aurora!

  • catnip - It Works

    So I know its not the sole purpose of the flush to work the way I needed it work, but it did. I passed my "test" with flying colors. I drank it 4 1/2 hours prior to the test. Started at 9 AM Drank the entire bottle within the hour, then drank about 2 1/2 liters of water. Lets just say I got the job! This is a 420 coverage.

  • Taryn Harris - They go down easily (way easier than the Fenugreek horse pills

    I'm convinced these pills saved my milk supply! I have no cons about this product. They go down easily (way easier than the Fenugreek horse pills!) and they don't have a gross taste. They work quickly as well.

  • Amanda - It works!!

    The it woks thermofit is amazing! It's great for women and men. This is extremely expensive though. You can get it a lot cheaper by becoming a loyal customer as well as earn cash back on every purchase (perk points) Check around before spending too much.

  • Ahmed - Muslim halal and Jewish kosher problem.

    It is a very nice product in its function and design. It tastes very nice and kids love it and has a lot of healthy benefits. However, one of the ingredients is not okay to some cultures or religions. The "gelatin" they are using is "pork" and that is not ok for both Muslims and Jews. Therefore, they must know before they can buy it, and many dont read ingredients only after buying. Some candies such as "marshmallow" write in big letters whether it is "pork" gelatin or from different source. This is a quotation text from their email to me "We do use gelatin in our gummy vitamins which is derived from pork". I am one of those discover after buying.

  • Ken Eaise - Perfect Solution to Loose Floor Tiles

    I had a couple loose tiles on my kitchen floor. One was so loose you could actually hear it move when stepping on it. I didn't want to risk trying to get the tiles up because I had no others in the event one of them broke. Then I saw the Fix a Floor video and decided to give it a try. I only ordered one tube and it was plenty. I drilled the one hole around each edge of the loose tiles, in my case, 3/16" and filled them until I could see all of the other holes being filled. I weighted them for 24 hours as recommended. After removal, they were solid as a rock. No more hollow sound when tapped. I think this is an excellent product. I highly recommend it.