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  • Carrrrrieb - Works wonders! :)

    This works wonders for UTIs and I have not gotten one in almost two months! Coming from someone who gets them once sometimes twice a month that's a huge improvement! Coupled with D Mannose I am UTI free! :)

  • Rita Rucker - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. You really have to experiment and find your own correct routine. I did the 3 steps morning and night and it dried out my face so bad! I felt like a crocodile! Either start slow and learn from your mistakes and adjust. I just use the first step and sometimes the last. You must use a moisturizer! This cleared up a lot of stubborn pimples I constantly had for years. Now I just have to worry about the acne scars.

  • terry brown - nu wave "non stick" cookware

    This large fry pan is terrible. everything sticks and sticks hard. Got absolutely no satisfaction from nu wave. Lifetime warranty my foot!! "We believe that this is not a manufacutrers defect." Just what is that area with the missing non stick stuff?? Would never recommend this to ANYONE!!

  • Cora Regina - Perfection in a Bottle

    I have naturally curly, dry, coarse, LONG hair that I've been color-treating for a decade. Seriously, most horses have nicer manes and tails than I have hair. I have tried everything from cheap fortifying shampoos to expensive salon brands, and this. is. the. stuff. Seriously, my hair has NEVER felt this good, even before I started coloring.

  • Indy45 - No change in energy for me

    I had high hopes for this product based on the infommercials; however, when I discovered the procurement of it was setup for automatic shipment of three bottles, a red flag went up. Thanks to Amazon, I found an offer to purchase a single bottle (thirty day supply)for an additional $20.00 instead of entering a contract for automatic shipment which can become troublesome to cancel in a timely manner. Based on their claims, I thought an evaluation period of 30 days should be sufficient to see if it did help with renewed vitality. I am 66 years old, I am skeptial of claims but willing to listen and evalutate.In the case of Ageless Male -- not for me.

  • quin@lg - πŸ‘‘ Prince GabrielπŸ‘‘

    A new Prince is made...Gabriel proved himself worthy of the Mighty Medlov lineage....his beginning into greatness is well written in a fast-paced action packed sequel...Valeriya proved herself as a formidable warrior and perfect match for Gabriel...especially when she shaved off her hair to go to war....that's the true meaning of a woman warrior in love..p.s. ..I think Nadei deserves his own story....kinda like Vasily..😍😍

  • Marilyn - can feel the heat instantly

    I got this crème in hopes of helping my cellulite and tone since it is a hot cream. As soon as you apply AND massage to deired areas, you can immediately feel the heat on the applied areas. Its not a tingling sensation like a tingler from tanning lotions its more of a heat feeling from the inside. I purchased this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and so far I love the product and cannot wait to see the results even though I feel like I can feel it each time I use the product. It burns for a while but it burns longer if you wrap the area you use it on. Its uncomfortable the first couple of times you use it but ive used similar products before and I feel like this one will be great due to the length of burning once the crème is applied.