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  • Run and Dance - Great book even if you aren't taking the course.

    This was probably the best investment I've made during my whole MBA program. It teaches you the time value of money, how to diversify a stock portfolio, and how to retire with the amount of money you think you will need.

  • David T. - cheap knives.. Stainless knives shouldn't rust!

    these knives are suppose to be stainless steel. If they are stainless wire do the get rust spots on them? Our knives are just over 2 years old and everyone of them have rust spots on them I tried to find the company to see if there was any warranty on them. No place to find the company. The knives are headed to the recycle center.

  • Vijay - No review required

    It's the best business education money can buy -- at <$5. A must buy for all Warren Buffett fans. Great place to start reading up on him for the rest.

  • Missy Misemeanor - Skeptical, but...

    I bought this because I was looking for natural help for hair breakage which was leading to thinning hair in spots. Two months later, my hair is back to perfectly thick, my skin is much more moisturized (in the midst of the longest winter ever), and my eyes are less puffy.

  • cosmopath - Saved my life

    I used to be a shy, unattractive man who was over 100lbs overweight. I was stuck in a dark place, all alone with nothing to do. Then I heard Corey Feldman's masterpiece of an album Angelic 2 the Core, and it motivated me. I cruised around the city in my hot pink 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and blasted this album non stop, and it attracted all of the females. Now I have a wife, eighteen and a half kids, and Fred Durst as a best friend. My life got back in order lickety splickety. Thank you Corey.

  • LilWiz - The BEST EPIC UBERLY AWESOME checkbook registers you'll EVER buy!

    5 STARS! These after all are a 5 pack of transaction checkbook registers!!! YISSSSSS! I mean, you can write down all the things you've bought in them (with check #'s, dates, business names, memos, price amounts), keep track of all that money you deposited in your bank account, and instead of using your calendar on your smart phone or the one hanging on the wall in the kitchen, you can see what day August 4, 2015 will be WITH THESE CHECKBOOK REGISTERS! EPIC!!!! These are great and I wouldn't expect anything else from these wonderful checkbook registers!