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  • Swank Ivy - A mixed bag, but there's some tasty Zim in here

    Zim is drinking a "poop" juice box on the Hot Topic edition cover of this comic and that's about all you need to know.

  • Amazon Customer - Well.

    I have not actually read this book, although I've checked it out from the library twice. I am merely stepping in with my two cents about coconut oil and "oil pulling" (swishing). One reviewer, in particular, has a lot of very negative things to say about this, but it doesn't appear that he has actually tried it. His primary goal in reviewing this book seems to be to make others feel bad or stupid. What is the point?

  • GovLibrarian - Bye Bye Redness didn't work for me either. The ...

    Bye Bye Redness didn't work for me either. The product was sort of putty-like and did not cover up my redress. I had to say "Goodbye" to "Bye Bye Redness". I really did want it to work.