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  • Mr_seymorehiney - Works Great !

    Easy install user friendly software,one exception the password was not printed on the CD envelope as stated, Just leave the master password blank and change it to your own.

  • Bobby Robertson - great ford product

    Love these Matts factory fit. They hold the junk on them just great. I will always have these in every truck I get I have so far and like I said love them. They are worth there weight in gold lol. I'm happy can't ya tell

  • Andre - I've seen this slightly work on other people. I ...

    I've seen this slightly work on other people. I think it's more of a mental thing than the product itself, but if this product influences people to make healthier choices for themselves then it is still doing something right. I gave mine to my mother-in law who is an example of the remark I made. Product shocked me several times and I guess the idea of doing sit-ups became more appealing after use. Gel is pricey over time and just another way for them to fish out money.

  • Jamaica - Good Buy!

    Nice Set. I like how this product comes with a manual that will help you on your journey of pimple popping exploration LOL. I like how there are various tools that help you dig out all of the little blackheads that you were dying to get for months on end. I wish the tools had more shapes because most of them are quite the same just smaller or bigger other than that I am enjoying this set. I love to watch dr. Pimple popper on YouTube and using this set makes me feel like I'm a pro. I Love to watch her (Yes I know it's kinda gross) what it gives you satisfaction knowing that all the little blackheads and other things are out of your body it sounds weird but it's pretty relieving for those pickers out there in the world. I know I'm not alone here lots of people like to pick at scabs in using this little tool set will help you on your way. *DISCLAIMER* I received this product at a free or discounted rate for my honest opinion.

  • Taffy - Life saver!

    This gave me the freedom and independence to move around on my own. After adjusting to fit my height and figuring out out the balance, I couldn't be happier.

  • Punkrkgrl - Meh.

    I'm giving this a meh because its a nice case with some serious flaws. You must be using the lightening cable and NOT THE LIGHTNING TO 30 PIN ADAPTER the opening is not large enough to adequately accommodate the adapter. This case is very hard to remove and after about the 3rd time the thin strip at the bottom will break! I had to keep removing it to use an adapter and it broke on abut the third time. If you need to use the adapter or anything else get the speck case with the flip bottom! It flips back for docking no need to remove the case. Speck products are nice and I do recommend them but this one has its drawbacks.