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  • MattDM - Family Fave

    We like Daiya on pizza, in mac and cheese, chicken parm, grilled cheese... pretty much anything that requires it to be melted. It has an nice, rich flavor and melts well. It is expensive so we purchase it sparingly. A great alternative for those of us who don't eat dairy or soy.


    This product is pretty bad. I called tech support and they told me the feature I wanted was only in their Enterprise Solution package. After dropping another 1500.00 on this package come to find the solution didnt work. I have now converted all my files twice because of this and have 2 days involved in the products. I called customer service to complain and they offer me a 20% discount which is nonsense. They think 2 days of my time is only worth 80 bucks? Come to find out from the support person that intuit doesnt even own the support center and all of their support is outsourced. Please stop buying from these companies with bad products that outsource support. Buying their products only encourages them to treat their customers like they are worthless!!!

  • Gary K - Good stuff - and no glue pot required!

    Used this glue to make some shelving out of poplar. It holds well, and it's stainable, so I mixed it with some sanding dust (from the same project) to make my own wood filler. Mixed just enough wood dust in to make a thick paste, then forced it into the cracks and holes with a putty knife. Sanded smooth, and presto, close to invisible after staining.

  • Shalonda Collier - Juvie and Solai

    Yassss Hunni!! Loved this series. Everyone went through there trials and Tribulations, but in the end they came together. Ready to see what's next from the author. Great read!

  • Carolyn O. - Timbuk2 bags are the best!!!

    This is a phenomenal bag. I give it four stars because the materials on the outside look a little funny in person. The dark blue is canvas, the middle is vinyl, and the brown on the other end is canvas with a vinyl coating. Makes it look wierd. Otherwise, it's fantastic!! I've actually bought two more Timbuk2 bags since I bought this one. I use this one as a diaper bag now and my husband doesn't mind carrying it and I don't feel like a frumpy mom.

  • Travis Howell - This is a great book. He starts by helping you understand all ...

    This is a great book. He starts by helping you understand all the stock rhetoric, which was really great for someone like me who knew almost nothing about the stock market. He goes through things in a nice linear fashion to help you understand proven and timeless strategies, namely how to recognize great companies and how to recognize when they are on sale, or at a bargain. He teaches the summary of strategy used by 6 great investors (Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, Peter Lynch, William O'Neil and Bill Miller). Though this is my first book on this subject, I feel like what is taught is a very sound, safe, and a wise strategy for anyone's venture into the stock market. We as humans are so whimsical and emotional and the system and discipline that this book encourages seems really solid. Oh, he takes James O'Shaunessy's research of 83 years of the stock market and teaches what trends and value measures O'Shaunessy found to predict good stocks, too! Check it out!