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  • Buyer R - Amazing!

    This is a really cool pen! Awesome for covert missions. Lol. I actually got this at a discounted rate for my honest opinion and i haven't dropped it since they sent it over. The picture quality is very good. Also, very easy to use. i would like to recommend this!

  • Mommy Fitz - Great face wash with anti aging benefits!

    As I get older I have realized the importance of taking care of your skin. I wish I had a time machine to go back and tell my 18 year old self this! I ordered this product as I have been reading about Vitamin C and its anti-aging benefits. I already own a vitamin C serum which I use on a daily basis. I figured adding a vitamin C cleanser into my beauty routine couldn't hurt. This product is nice because a little pump goes a long way. I can tell that the bottle will last me awhile. It doesn't really have any scent to it, which is not a positive or a negative, but I have to admit I like when it has a sweet scent. It doesn't form a rich lather, but it lathers fine. I put a small pump in my hand, add a little bit of water, lather and then apply to my face. I feel like it is cleansing my skin well, and I like that it has the Vitamin C benefit to it. If you look at the list of ingredients you can see it has some amazing organic things in it! The reason I gave it four stars instead of five is I wish it had a nice scent, and I wish it lathered a little bit better. Overall though it is a good product and I am happy with it!

  • Robert Wedwick - Esperanto Dictionary

    The dictionary includes lots of new words and phrases for keeping Esperanto up with the current world, such as words for modern computers and other scientific advances. At the front of the dictionary, Wells includes a concise grammar reference and an abundance of abbreviations. It also deals with much of the ambiguity of English, such as the many definitions for the word "bill."

  • MANU S. - Fun for kids and Grown Ups

    Cozmo is finally here. My son and I played hours of Anki OverDrive and this was a must purchase! My son is 7 and he loves to play with it for hours. I give him the iPad and Cozmo and he is off in another world with his new robot buddy. Then when he's done, I boost Cozmos brain by playing some of the tougher games and activities so when my son gets to him again, he's smarter and continues to amaze. We've also had Cozmo recognize everyone in the house and some of our friends. It's nice to turn him on and have him look at me and say, "Dada". Hahaha. So awesome.

  • Bruno Ormenese Magna - Great Sunglasses

    Great Sunglasses. I always wanted to have a RayBan, specially the aviator model. There is not too much to say about a rayban... it products are really great. Even though the product description at Amazon says that lenses are not polarized, they are actually polarized lenses which is really nice. (product description needs to be fixed)

  • Ms. Russell - Decent Collection

    Good compilation, but only a few of the essays presented here strike me as worthy of "Best Of..."

  • Kellie - I know other reviewers say how sweet this shake is

    I know other reviewers say how sweet this shake is. It is sweeter than other ones I've had, but that's easy to fix. I mix one scoop of this with 8oz Unsweetened Cashew or Almond Milk, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1 Tbsp Chia seeds, about 6 ice cubes, and 3/4 cup baby spinach. I actually blend the spinach up, put it in ice cube trays (3/4 cup blended made 1 large ice cube), put one cube in a ziploc with half a banana and freeze. I also 1/2 -1 Tbsp of PB2 if I'm in the mood for peanut butter. Makes it quick when you're in a hurry. The sweetness makes it so you don't taste the spinach, but are still getting more veggies in your day. :) Definitely worth trying this shake since there is no sugar or carbs.