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  • xinrui xu - Great shoes

    Nike Air Max 2014 is the first running shoes I bought from Amazon. I felt pain and tension when I do long-distance running wearing other types of shoes. I prefer to find fashionable and comfortable shoes that can last for long time when I make the purchase

  • T.C. - Works exactly how I need it to.

    I received this yesterday and the only purpose it has for me is to stream HD videos from my desktop over LAN. I was pleasantly surprised with everything about it so far.

  • JackVale - Great dads rock!

    Nice illustrations and the message is a very positive one that encourages mothers & children to see their husbands/partners/fathers as important role models. For dads, it is a guide on what they should be doing so that their children view them as an important part of their lives.

  • KRif - Good stuff!!

    My hair feels great! I just used it for the first time and the feel is amazing with very little product after washing. I still have frizzyish hair, but it seems softer and calmer, and definitely more manageable! Looking forward to seeing how this works over time as opposed to the generic Costco shampoo I was using. Nice.

  • Bonnie - Remarkable product, fast and easy!

    Six years ago a full pot of coffee was tipped over on the counter and no one noticed for at least two hours, so as the hot brew found its way to the floor the heat did some serious damage to the cabinet doors below. I tried every method I could find to remove the water marks and finally gave up and kept a kitchen towel tucked in the drawer above so that it would hang over and hide the damage. Then recently, I was given an old wooden side table (not sure of wood type, but probably from the '50s-'60s) that was actually on its way to the trash, pretty beat up, but I decided it could be painted and used as a plant table. I can't toss anything that is still functional. Then I thought this product might be worth the try on the table. Today I received the Restor-A-Finish and 0000 steel wool, and I had both the table scratches and cabinet damage eliminated in less than a half hour's time. The odor dissipated within an hour or so after I finished - really wasn't that powerful, imo. The table looks awesome - can't even see it had been scratched. The very white areas of the cabinet door are completely gone, but the wood appears just a tad bit lighter in color. I'm the only one who would likely notice, though, so I'm not going to fret over it. Instead, I'm going to use this stuff on the rest of the kitchen cabinets that were built in the '70s and in need of a lift. I am definitely more than satisfied!

  • Amazon Customer - Honda got it right!

    Honda got it right! I own the EX cvt version which performs well. I can't see reason to buy a turbo version of this car except to get yourself speeding tickets.

  • Jean's Amazon - Great Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners

    I have had this vacuum for over a month now. It arrived promptly and was very easy to put together. So far, I am very pleased with its performance. I was replacing a canister vac that I had used for several years. The Shark Navigator definitely picks up more dirt and pet hair. I have cats and dogs, and this vac really sucks up the hair. The dust cup is a little small - I have to empty it multiple times when vacuuming the entire house. But that is really not a problem because it is so easy to empty. Right now it is a great vacuum, and I am certainly hoping that I will say the same thing about it a year from now.