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  • anonymous 101 - best out of the grip aids I have used so far

    This has been the best out of the grip aids I have used so far. I did not find it to be perfect but it seems to be the best overall grip aid for me. Works well for grip most of the time but not to the point where anything I touch feels like it is glued to me. Occasionally it seems to make my skin too dry and as a consequence, slippery but it doesnt seem to happen too often. It does not seem to work if I get sweaty palms and does make my skin feel tight as if it is really dehydrated but other than that it is great.

  • kbm0078 - Did nothing but give me awful acne

    I bought this product to use during the holidays, to help with stress and to use as a supplement to the diet and exercise program that I was already following. I took this product for approximately 2 weeks and it did nothing effective. The first few days I actually felt high, like I had taken drugs. Then I got headaches and then the acne came. I have had zero problems with my skin in the last 5 years after treatment by an esthetician for rosacea. Within a few days of taking this product, I started breaking out. Through process of elimination I realized it was likely the Relacore that my system did not like. While this product may work for others, it did not work for me at all. It has been three days since I stopped taking the Relacore and I am still having hives on my face and trying to get it out of my system to get my skin back to normal. There are times my skin feels so tight and itchy it is actually physically painful. I have never experienced anything like this, it is absolutely awful. I will probably have to do a detox to get it out of my system. This has been a valuable lesson for me. I will go back to following Live Right for Your Blood Type. Way better results on that and from now on I will not deviate.

  • Roberta Oswald - Excellent read

    This book was recommended by my Internist as a must read. He was so right as this book was all about my problems and answered all my questions. The research was a plus as I always check my facts. I in the future I too will recommend this book.