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  • Timezones - Fun version of the Hercules story

    This is more of a 3.5 star review. WAY better than the "Legend of Hercules", but nothing amazing. I'd say it falls in line with something like the "Clash of The Titans" and "Mummy Movies". Decent cast and story. Special effects aren't too over the top (which is a good thing). Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seems to be in his element as the mighty Hercules. A solid addition to the current Prime streaming library.

  • taxt - does just fine

    Simple and easy to use, certainly, and I can't imagine the more expensive models doing a better job.

  • alycat71 - These are an amazing bluetooth neckband headphones

    These are an amazing bluetooth neckband headphones. They look exactly like the way way more expensive one from LG. I like these just as much I really did not notice a difference as I have other ones too. The ear buds magnetize keeps the earpiece stuck to the neckband to help from the cords/sires dangling around your neck. They are very comfortable. I don't even feel them on my neck (they are very lightweight). The sound works great in the talking aspect in addition to the listening of music aspect. I use these when I exercise. There are very easy to pair with my phone (no issues whatsoever). These particular set came in dark black.

  • Peter - Stopped working in under 30 days.

    A friend of mine purchased this computer and I was in need of a new one and he said it was great. I ordered it right away from Amazon. It arrived, I set it up and it worked fantastic. A few days later my friend tells me his stopped working. Not a good sign. Well mine worked perfectly for about 4 weeks and yesterday glitched out and no longer works. I called ASUS technical support and they were very very very sub-par. No help at all. My choices ship it back to them at my expense and they would repair it and return it to me. Thank goodness Amazon is so great and have a good return policy, because ASUS does not. I will continue my voracious shopping on Amazon but have purchased my last ASUS product.

  • brudemi - NOT recommended!!

    I agree with other reviewers here - the gun does not calibrate. I spent over an hour attempting siply to calibrate the top shot elite gun that came with the game, then a Wii Zapper, then just simply the remote and nunchuck, none worked. I am a relatively tech savy dad type and I had seen soem of the reviews warning of the calibration issues (I will say, I tried using this game on a 58" screen TV which may be the issue, although I do not understand why). Anyway, I purchased this item from Best Buy and it was returned on the same day of purchase.

  • M. Hwu - This is wonderful!

    Got this item from Amazon after reading some reviews here. I have to say this is a very good one. Totally agree with the positive reviews here. If you don't like wires and your cup is not too big, this one is great for you. I will order more of there. Hopefully Amazon will continue to carry this for the same price.

  • Bruce Wilson - Surprisingly refractive

    Well, I guess that being surprisingly refractive is what crystal is supposed to do. I hang mine on an aluminum Christmas tree, mounted on a rotating stand, so the little rainbows it casts when the sun hits it as it rotates make it that much more pleasant during the day.