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  • Megan - Giving it two months (one month saw little changes)

    I have been using idol lash for about a month, once a day at night before I go to bed. I purchased a set of them from the site so I have a 90 day return option. So far I have not noticed much change, length seems to be a bit longer but no noticible thickness. I also have been using this on patchy areas of my eyebrows and if anything I am starting to see new hairs there. I will keep using it and update in a month or two.

  • Airiel - Ok moisturizer did nothing for my wrinkles

    I just finished the bottle.This was ok as a moisturizer with sunscreen but I did not notice any difference in my wrinkles. It is very light would be good for summer or someone with oily skin, but I used it in the fall when my skin starts to get dry and had to layer my deep moisturizer with it. I did tingle slightly around my eyes so this my not be for someone with sensitive skin.