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  • Carol Baker - Great set!

    I am very impressed with this product. First, it comes with a lot of different sizes of vacuum space saver bags and a handy pump to suck out the air. The bags are nice and thicker, and I do not think that sealing them correctly will be any problem. I have purchased vacuum space saver bags from name brand suppliers in a local store and have had problems with at least two thirds of them not working. I tried this out and it worked better than the name brand ones did.

  • Beverly - Nice phone

    Nice smart phone - easy to use. I like the back cover as it is not smooth. If you don't want all the bells and whistles of the name brand this is a good choice and very easy on the pocketbook. I also like the option of the dual sim card

  • ForgottenMemories013 - Where has this been in all my life?!!

    I've always plucked out my eyebrows before but after having gotten the razor. But seriously, these are so much easier for me and make eyebrow grooming/shaping so much easier! Also the instructions are pretty easy to follow in avoiding cutting yourself, which has yet to happen to me.

  • Kaitlyn Terlecki - Great cleanse to kick bad habits

    I had a really good experience with this cleanse. I am a very petite girl. I am 5'1 and weighed 138 lbs. After the 10 days I lost 10 pounds and two inches from my waist. People say the first ten lbs are water weight but my body is noticeably smaller. My arms, face, back, stomach and thighs are smaller. I didn't feel well AT ALL on day 2, but what do you expect? Your body is going through a detox and you aren't allowed to have caffeine so I knew a headache was coming. The apple berry shake wasn't good at first but you can easily add unsweetened almond milk and it tastes great. This is a great cleanse to help kick really bad eating/drinking habits. It really pushes you to become an over-all healthy person...even off the cleanse. I even have enough supplies left to do another 10 day cleanse

  • GODOG - This is not only a great gag gift but it actually does what it is designed to do..crack nuts..

    This Hillary Nutcracker was purchased for a friend of mines birthday...It is a good solid piece of craftsmanship and it is great at cracking nuts. My friend loved the gift...

  • Richard Paine - O.O i got it

    its very interesting reading i love the book and it came in the mail when it was sapose to yup i love it