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  • DLightful Living Young - Nutrient Logic and common sense prevails

    This is a good book to inform those without a pharmaceutical background about the benefits of natural supplements. It seems as though the author promotes a particular brand (Jarrow) which is filled with artificial colors and other ingredients. So, really it is up to the reader to use their own 'Nutrient Logic' and determine what would be best for them. I was hoping there would also be other topics in the book but was a bit disappointed that they were not covered. The book is okay but use common sense when determining what supplements would work best for you and good luck!

  • Shaun - I have had mixed results with this product. I ...

    I have had mixed results with this product. I have used it twice, once it worked perfectly, the other time it did not. I don't necessarily think it was a failure of the product, but the leak was a result of a torn or broken seal. This stuff doesn't replace any parts of the seal, so if it's torn you will need a mechanic to replace it. But if the deal has dried and shrunk, you may have a chance. The case in which it worked for me was a Chevy s-10 where the leak was more of a ooze than a full on drip. The other case in which it failed was a Ford Ranger where it would lose a quarter of a quart each time you drove it. Be realistic in your expectations. If it pours out quicker than you can add fluid, this most likely won't work or will only slow the leak. If it's just a seeping seal,I'm confident it will dry it up.