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  • Rick Michel - Please give this product a try and I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading this and hope you get ...

    This product really works as I hoped it would and I would highly suggest that everyone buy this product.

  • Dr. M - Good results

    I have taken this for 2 months and have had good results. I am taking this not for hair loss, but for hair color.

  • Cathy - best AJ out there

    My son said..MOM you finally got the right one! Ha. It is available in the subscribe and save. Now that I found the "RIGHT ONE" I have it set to deliver monthly!

  • L. Flim - Best FM transmitter I've yet seen.

    *backstory* I went through quite a few bluetooth FM transmitters before I found a good one back in 2011, and that was the Flexsmart X2. Over the years I bought 3 of them; one of them broke and was replaced after being left in a hot car for a month (I think thats what did it at least) and I bought one for my fiancee. I thought that was the golden standard of FM transmitters because at the time, no other one I tried came close! That being said, it did feel a bit cheaper than I'd like, the controls were a bit sensitive and I'd find myself switching the station when I was trying to change the volume, and it was still prone to background fuzz and whine every so often.

  • The Emmy Project - Great collection of stories.

    Just love these. "Antarctica" is one of the best. Possibly life changing. But all these stories are great. I buy this collection every year, and this is an excellent installment in the series.

  • Lawrence Wegeman, Jr. - WORKS FOR ME

    I would NEVER USE CLR TO RINSE OUT A COFFEE MAKER. USE VINEGAR FOR THAT. Also, use generic bleach in place of Drano. Bleach is easier on metal pipes and a lot cheaper.

  • Peggy F. Moseley - Ummm, boring and tedious

    Can't be used by a CPA or a tax preparer from any national agency. Just a lot of stuff...easier to read the IRS manual. I know, I know! But, at least, they have a toll free number.