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  • Emilie - Another great romance from R.S. Grey!

    I always get excited about a new romance story from R.S. Grey. She’s one of my go-to romance authors and for good reason. Her latest, A Place in the Sun, reminded me of why I love reading these stories as much as I do all while making me fall in love with new characters.

  • Ronald - A great cologne that many people don't know about.

    I tried Versace Blue Jeans Cologne for the 1st time in 2004 and have loved it since. I think it has a very pleasant smell to it, and I have received numerous compliments about it as well. A lot of people are unfamiliar with it, but are very intrigued once they smell it, that is how I got hooked. It has a very unique scent that is pleasant, comforting, and definitely starts a conversation.

  • Able Devildog - Not what buyers are looking for which is a quick trim of fingernails

    This is a gimmick. It appeals to everyone who wants a machine to quickly file nails. This ain't it. You can do your nails faster with clippers and a file. I have to hand it though to the inventors. The part that does the work is a metal rod that has cutters that do the cutting although very slowly. But it has to be slow because if it were any faster it could do damage before the user realized it. Turning the Roto Clipper upside down makes it into a file with the back side of the cutter bar. The user inserts a fingernail into the slot but the user is never sure that the nail is in correctly which makes the product hard to use. It does a poor job on the nail corners because it is difficult to insert the corners into the slot. The user is advised to dip their nails into warm water for three minutes prior to using the product which creates more delay. Having to wet the fingers means one hand at a time so that after finishing one hand, the user must soak the other hand before using the product.. Don't have to do that with clippers and a file. Generally the user will wind up having to finish the job using a nail file. I give the inventor credit for ingenious design but it is much too slow to be of any practical use.

  • Rose - Worst Mistake I Ever Made

    I purchased Family Tree Maker 2012 in order to be able to share my tree on with family and friends for free, as well as for the advertised ease of entering information and synchronizing information from my computer to tree. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have had the synchronization program error out. The only way to solve this issue is to unlink the trees and recreate either the one in Family Tree Maker or the one on, which is ridiculous. Each time this happens it is after I have input a ton of information into either of the two tree locations. The hours of work go down the drain. I would never recommend this program to anyone. It is not worth the hours and hours of lost time to replace information when this problem comes up. I now only update thru ancestry and not the Family Tree Maker. Now and then I try again to synchronize, only to find the problem reoccurs and this has not been fixed in over a year. DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM, SOONER OR LATER YOU WILL WISH YOU HADN"T!

  • Joel Tepp - Totally outdated edition. AVOID

    This is the 1997 edition with much outdated information. The version you might want is the 2014 edition.