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  • Kristine Zarcone - Great shampoo!

    Best shampoo I've used yet! It works very well with my very fine textured, permed, and colored hair. With almost every other shampoo, I need to wash twice. I only need to wash once with this shampoo! One bottle lasts a lot longer.

  • Mylene Perdiguerra - it would be that bad, but I need to use a beach towel ...

    These are comfy chairs, but I underestimated how hot the black gets in the sound. I thought bc it was so meshy, with air flowing through, it would be that bad, but I need to use a beach towel sometimes. Also, they're not as portable as I like. They fold up flat, but are a little heavy and awkward to carry. Wanted to throw them in the car to use at son's baseball games, but not sure it's convenient enough for that. They're more comfortable than the collapsible chairs that come in the bag though.

  • Amazon Customer - Xbox one S owners

    People who own an Xbox one s will have to go into the tv settings to be able to make there Xbox One S truly compatible with the Samsung tv. Otherwise your Xbox One S will only say that it's compatible with 4K and nothing else like HDR.

  • Meredith H. Dye - However when I saw the video on it- it looked so fun and easy

    After reading all the reviews I decided to buy this curler for my daughter as a Jr. high school graduation gift. She didn't really ask for this one- just a new curling iron. However when I saw the video on it- it looked so fun and easy. It truly is BOTH! I wanted to curl her hair for her graduation ceremony... But she loved using it so much I only got to do two hair strands ( then I curled my hair)!

  • Midwest Mommy - Manuka Manuka Manuka!

    This honey is like a cure-all! Worth every penny. It's tasty, but we don't use it on toast or for baking because of the price. We mainly use it for illness/injury as an anti-biotic. Works great to heal cuts and cure sinusitis, etc, or simply boost the immune system.

  • David G - Works Well But Watch Out for Auto-Renewal

    I have used QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for several years. Okay, since the recession, when cutting the expense of a payroll service was an easy way to save money. I also realized that the payroll service would take some of our money (federal unemployment) in January, and not submit that money to the government until it was due one year later. Enough of that.

  • Nathan Hatton - Though the end, there is great beauty.

    I have been waiting awhile for this gem. The Runaljod cycle is finally complete, and it ends as it should.