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  • Anon - GREAT TV for the price. Probably the best buy for a 4K TV right now

    Well the smart remote is smarter than us, it took us a few days to figure it out! But now that we have the hang of it it's nice. The TV itself is great, good picture, good 4K upgrading quality, handy and easy to use menus for Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and direct streaming from a computer over WiFi. Sound quality is pretty good, but fluctuates widely depending on the channel/movie - it doesn't bother me, but husband wants to get external speakers, so knocked off a star for that. Very easy to hook up the cable box and other peripherals. Seems to have a good viewing angle width and height (we don't have our TV stand yet so the TV is on the floor, and it still looks good from the angle of the couch). A couple times the colors have seemed not quite accurate (reds in particular start to look orangey), but that may depend on the quality of the show/video. There have only been a couple occasions where the smart remote couldn't handle the Fios menu and we had to break out the Fios remote, but mostly the TV remote can control everything on the cable without issues. Delivery guy brought it to the door and hooked it up, right on time.

  • Stephan S. - Works...but not for what we bought it for...what?

    Oh my, look at all these reviews! It's a mix of "this tamed by possessed baby" to "this made my tame baby possessed". What is a parent to do? Well hopefully our experience will help. But then again, let's not forget all babies are different (it's almost like they're individuals or something). So for us this has been a good purchase, but not for the reason we bought it. Wait, what?

  • HottiTati - Great cream for sun damaged skin

    Love this stuff. Been using it on my chest after so much sun damage I've done. I use it along with a glycolic peel. Been working great. Keep in mind it takes 28 days to completely renew your skin so be patient!

  • Matthew - Metal detector for all ages

    This is my first metal detector and can say is my favorite. As the name of item implies this metal detector has incredible accuracy for finding coins in the ground. The discrimination setting makes it very easy to filter nails and pull tabs so one can do searching for coins only. The sensitivity level is quite a wide range and allows to deal with various different kinds of ground mineralization types. The pinpoint is much better than my mom's Garrett 1350 as with this detector you only need to push the pinpoint button once and it will stay in pinpoint mode until you press it again to resume normal operation. Small plastic plug in right side of detector that pulls out with a little twist where you can place headphones and may it be noted that you need an adapter to get the headphones to correctly fit into this device. Was quite surprised when I opened box and found a treasure guide book, 25 best kept secrets, a warranty card that needs to be filled out and mailed and a catalog of metal detectors and accessories.