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  • G. J. Ward - Wanted to love it but needs improvement

    I absolutely LOVE my Uppababy Vista and use it everyday to walk my 9 month old son. I kept losing my phone on walks as there was no place to put it so I was beyond excited when this organizer came out. Unfortunately it doesn't live up to the Uppa standard. The neoprene fabric is great. The cup holder fits a water bottle and although it looks like it would spill it doesn't. I love the front pockets, the larger one fits an iPhone perfectly. The zipper pocket underneath is great for keys. My problem is I can't get it to fit snugly over the fold snaps. It's like the organizer is a tad too big and the velcro doesn't line up right which is a problem when you fold the stroller with the organizer attached. Like other reviews have said you can't recline the seat with the organizer attached. My son is older now and this isn't a problem but when he was small I wouldn't have been able to use this as he often slept in the stroller. That said it's useable and I'm glad to have a place to put my keys and phone when we walk but this needs some major improvements.

  • Kaoutar Burrell - The Worst Product on Earth and Venus.

    Absolutely horrible. I tried the product and used it faithfully for 6 months hoping something would work. Instead of making my acne better, it made it considerably worse. I've been suffering from acne since i was 12, i'm 28 now and i believed the sales pitch seen in the infomercials. what a fool i was. to make it worse, i ordered from proactiv themselves.

  • Jack Randolph Smith - Trouble Again with the 2013 Directory

    Once again Hollywood Screenwriting Directory is not accurate where it counts most...I have five letters denying they accept e mail requests. This directory is too expensive to have such poor quality. It can end your relationship with a producer before it can begin. How many production companies just didn't answer my query I would have to guess...probably most don't even wish to receive queries. Too bad, there is a lot of information here, how accurate it is is another question.


    Wow, this book is outright fantastic. You can gain knowledge of how to create not just one or two but several forms of passive income and be totally financially safe.

  • CJFletch - I can hardly walk today

    This machine take a MINIMAL amount of balance and corridation. If you aren't able to do it, you probably shouldn't be walking around on your own. I'm a competitive soccer player so I'm already in pretty decent shape, but after just one 15 minute workout my entire body is so sore I can hardly walk today. Abs, chest, shoulders, butt, hamstrings, I can feel it everywhere. Definately the best, fastest and easiest workout I've tried so far. And DEFINATELY worth the price.