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  • lattebreak - Hope for eczema, constipation, celiacs, food allergies, and more!

    This is definitely one of my favorite books. I read it all in one day... I couldn't put it down! All I did that day was feed my 3 children meals and read. It was so worth it. I have had eczema all my life, as my mother and grandmother had, and my daughter also got about 6 weeks after she was born. I tried a number of natural remedies to help my daughter's eczema (which covered her legs and itched), including a gluten-free diet, oils, creams, and digestive enzymes, but at 18 months her eczema had still not cleared. This book explained why. It's an inability to digest, caused by a lack of good bacteria, which babies are supposed to get from their mothers while going through the birth canal and through breast milk in the first 2 months of life. Though I had given birth vaginally and breastfed, I didn't have enough good bacteria to pass along to her sterile newborn body (since my mother didn't have enough to pass along to me) and so the good bacteria didn't cultivate and left her vulnerable to bad bacteria and yeast, causing her eczema to appear at 6 weeks. Eventually she developed other symptoms like poor sleep and constipation, also signs of an inability to digest and an overload of toxins from the bad bacteria and a plugged-up colon. For quite a while I have been feeding her a similar diet to the one recommended in the book, but when I added the probiotics that Dr. Campbell-Mcbride helped to develop my daughter's constipation disappeared within a few days and her skin cleared up within a week. I'm amazed! Her skin hasn't looked this good since she was a newborn! She is also much happier and sleeping better. She is finally digesting her food! I have also begun taking the probiotics for my similar problems. I can tell I'm finally digesting my food also. What a relief! I am passing the book around to about 10 people that I know it would help. It's not just for parents of autistic children. It's for all the people (which is half of the population) who are constipated and irritable. It's definitely worth the read! I should add that I am not new to nutrition. I have been studying nutrition for 12 years (it was part of my major in college) but until this book I never really understood the digestive system. It is well-explained and thorough, but easy enough for someone who doesn't have much nutritional knowledge to understand.

  • RICH - Good but expensive

    I felt that this product really delivered on some of the effects of this drug. Although, a 30ct lasted me about 2 weeks, I was able to feel more focused during the work-day after the 4th day. Maybe taking it consistently for 3+ weeks, would yeild enhanced memory and cognitive functions but I havent gotten to test that out dir yo its pricey cost.

  • GenXmom - Coverage lacking in this mineral-based foundation

    I wanted to like this product so much after reading all the glowing reviews here and on Makeup Alley; however, bareMinerals is just that -- too bare for anyone who needs decent light to medium coverage.

  • qualitycontrol - Thin plastic doesn't stand up for long

    While I do like the look of these, they were structurally inferior and difficult to assemble unless you had help. The plastic sheets are simply too thin for a dog that might bump into it or jump on top. After several attempts at reassembling them after a good wind storm or one of the dogs tried climbing onto one, I decided to chock this up as a learning lesson. I should have known better going with plastic but I needed a quick fix until I could build a real wood one. Again, if you have a very calm animal and you're keeping these out of any real bad weather, they might work out for you.

  • Christopher - Inter-Dimensional travel now a reality.

    Using Testing Product expanded my mind beyond 3 dimensional space into alternate realities no human mind has ever yet perceived. Both parent AND child, I am now a pan-universal wizard of time and space. I often travel forward (1st dimension), sideways (2nd dimension), up (3rd dimension), yorbic (4th dimension) and gablic (5th dimension) all SIMULTANEOUSLY. In another universe, I am now a king. A warrior. An eater of suns. Recommend highly.