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Categories Over-the-Counter Nasal Allergy Spray | Nas - Bringwebsite - is 19 years old, Alexa global rank: #556839, Location: United States, Last updated: Friday, 28 October 2016.

  • Over-the-Counter Nasal Allergy Spray | Nas - Bringwebsite - is 19 years old, Alexa global rank: #556839, Location: United States, Last updated: Thursday, 03 November 2016.

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  • Beeby - All good so far! I'd recommend.

    I've only had this unit a few days and it only launched in the US last week. The device so far is great. Its a good size, it was easy to configure and operated flaulessly during my time on the bike this weekend. I got the bundle which includes the cadence and speed sensors and these are both the newer generation units which attach without the magnets we are all probably more used to. VERY easy to install and pair. The latest HRM is also included.

  • Super_Dork_42 - Best one ever. Just buy it already. EDIT NOPE, do not buy. Less than a month later update.

    Original review after, leaving it on here as an initial reaction. NEW REVIEW - Horrible protector. Fit well, easy to install, but the package says "exceptionally strong - Surface hardness of 9H (only a diamond is harder) that can withstand hits and dings. Tempered for shock and break resistance." This is clearly marketing bullcrap. First of all within days of applying it I started to notice microscratches. The thing is seeing that so soon wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't had it in its case the entire time, which had a cover over the screen. I know I had it in my pocket but I wasn't carrying diamonds in there with it. According to the clearly false package, it shouldn't have scratched. Over the next few weeks it's gotten really bad. They are no longer microscratches. And the screen itself without a protector stood up to a lot more abuse with only a few microscratches over the months I've had it without the case and screen protector. Heck, my brother had one in the same case and it fell off a car roof moving at 55 mph and the screen didn't break. But this thing lasted less than a month before cracking, which it did this morning. This is the second screen protector of this type to fail within the first month. The other one was for my LG V10. DO NOT BUY THIS. It looks nice, is nice and thin and won't get in the way of your usage, but unless you have money to waste, get a different one because the so called protection only lasts a month at best. In fact, this lasted only 39 days from time of order to failure, not even the time of installation. The phone one failed three days earlier and I bought it a week after this one. I contacted them and got my money back fast and easy (except the shipping cost - apparently I have to contact amazon directly for that) but I shouldn't have wasted my time with this in the first place.

  • Bekoboe - Customer service with IT WORKS is a big disappointment!!!

    I recently placed my 1st order (from going to a home party) of greens as a "loyal" customer. Yesterday I received my first month of greens. I was so excited until I opened the package this morning and noticed that they sent me the Orange greens instead of the berry that I had ordered. I decided to go ahead an try the orange flavor thinking it may not be too bad. I tried some and almost threw up. (Now I know you can take it with juice but I am trying to keep my sugar intake low.) So I called the company thinking that they might be willing to send me the berry flavor since was THEIR FAULT (Computer input error whatever) and since I was a BRAND NEW CUSTOMER who was already signed up to be a LOYAL CUSTOMER. They said I could talk to the person who took my order and see if she had any extra greens, but if not I was just out of luck. SERIOUSLY??? If this company wants to keep loyal customers they need to be willing to make the customer happy. I mean come on it was one thing of greens. I was planning on ordering many more of their products but I will not deal with a company that does not strive to make the customer happy. Ended up being an $83 container of greens with their cancellation fee. YOU LOST A LOYAL CUSTOMER IT WORKS!

  • Dirk Walden - It does waht it says.

    Its a great workhorse of an antivirus program. It is quite effective in blocking intrusions and warning you of questionable sites or attachments.

  • Jay Ward - Love it

    It works great and leaves my beard feeling fresh and not oily. I have also tried the beard balm and this is much better. It also acts as a conditioner to help your beard feel soft. My only complaint is no scent so I will try one next with sometype of smell.

  • beesting - Plodding along to the finish

    I usually devour Sandford' s books. This one I am slowly trudging through. Don't know if it is just me or the subject but having a hard time with this one.