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Palos Verdes Plastic Surgery | J. Brian Boyd, M.D. - Manhattan Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. J. Brian Boyd specializes in Plastic Surgery of the face, breast, and body.. Call 310-295-2287 for a consultation.

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  • Lisa - Save yourself the headache...these oils are TERRIBLE smelling!!!

    I don't like giving bad reviews...but this has to be the worst smelling essential oils I have ever tried..I have smelled and own probably 20 or more companies oils and these I can not even recognize the scent on in the peppermint. The lavender does smell close to other lavenders I have tried. The rest I can't say a single good thing about them!! The labels are very hare to read (even with my glasses on) because the coloring does not stand out enough. Many of the companies oils I have or have tried have the GC/MS reports so you KNOW you are getting a pure oil...these oils smell NOTHING like those oils but instead have a strong chemical odor!! If you are new to oils and don't know much about what to get, do your homework..these oils are nothing I would recommend and probably will dump them out they are so bad!!! Save yourself the money and hassle...and am dumbfounded how ANYONE has given this company good reviews...I am being honest, these oils are trash!!!

  • Debra - This MP4/MP3 is great. It is so compact that you can take ...

    This MP4/MP3 is great. It is so compact that you can take it just about anywhere with you. It fits in your purse or pocket. The sound quality is great.

  • Will Anderson - Great Vitamins for great price.

    Have both our teenagers on these vitamins for the obvious nutritional benefits. Our 16 year old saw a real difference in reduced acne after about two weeks on the vitamins and continues to take them with success.

  • Amazon Customer - I was lucky enough to be born with pretty good skin to begin with

    Wow. I really can't say enough about this product. I've never been a girly girl or had a skin care regimen before. Hell, I usually go to bed with my make up still on. I was lucky enough to be born with pretty good skin to begin with, so skincare was never a big concern of mine. However, as I'm getting older, I'm realizing more and more that the future of my complexion rests on my choices now, so I began researching for some product.

  • casey - Very good for children

    My 4yrs old loves it. I started out reading to him at night, but then he wanted to read all day everyday. With a 100 stories we get to read over and over.