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  • John In NC MTS - The Pimsleur system versus 21st century Internet marketing!

    OK, first, to those of you who felt 'burned'....When you give a stranger your credit card on line you're handling them your wallet and entire line of credit! Good Grief! Do your research; check the "Contact us" tab. Do they have a phone number? Do they have an address? Do they answer? My peers (I am retired) seem overly confused by ETF's, 'Automatic Payments' and other modern 'tricks' of selling. Ask questions! Understand what your getting into BEFORE you go through that door. Don't confuse the Pimsleur System (or Amazon) for modern 'slickster' marketing techniques that play on YOUR sloppiness.

  • estefanie711 - Great Shakes

    Visalus is awesome..You can mix fat-free milk w/any types of fruits, which really enhances the shake. I would be cautious however if you are sweet sensitive, the mix is very sweet, but the more fruits you add, the better it is!

  • Urdaddy - This seat is nice and tall so she was very excited to see ...

    As soon as I switched from the Orbit infant car seat to the foonf I could tell the difference in our daughter. This seat is nice and tall so she was very excited to see everything as we drove around town. Car seat feels super sturdy and secure. I can't move it at all. We've received a lot of compliments on this seat. My daughter also loves the color. She went to sit on it as soon as we got it out of the car. One thing I was concerned about was it fitting in my car. I have a five series BMW and the back seat isn't very spacious. This seat fit perfectly.

  • DATgirl119 - Excellent can cooler

    Excellent can cooler. This works great for keeping a beer cold. My husband is the beer drinker and expert in the area of cold beer. Well, his first complaint was it was heavier than he expected and the lip part would take some getting used to. He said that it does keep the beer colder than his typical rubber koozie. He said that when he was doing stuff like chores, this was extremely useful for keeping the beer cold because the beer was sitting more. Now when he is watching a football game and he is slamming beers, this will probably not make a big difference. Those beers don't get a chance to get warm before he is grabbing for another one. He has now used this can and bottle insulator for a few days and he has adjusted to his minor concerns and he really likes it. Today is the first game of our football season and he has a few people coming that drink from a bottle, so he is going to have them try it out and see what they think about this holder. It does what it says it will do, keeps that drink nice and cold. Thanks Cancooler!!!