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  • ezeedozit - Gives me a boost without being wired.............

    I take this product about 5 days a week, and I actually notice a difference in the longevity of energy through my day.

  • Sharon J - This product is great for polishing your nails without the worry of spilling ...

    This product is great for polishing your nails without the worry of spilling the polish bottle. This product is ideal when the availability of a flat surface to hold your polish isn't available. Tweexy keeps the bottle accessible and makes it very easy to coat the brush from any angle without the fear of spilling. It also helps to provide control as you polish, especially for the "odd" hand. Only negative for me, I have very small hands/short fingers, and the Tweexy with the bottle of polish is quite tall. I have to really adjust my hand to reach the nails over the bottle to see what I am doing. Otherwise, great innovative product and the price is fair.

  • Brian D. Croteau - They appear to be well mounted and sturdy. Reading the install tips by others buyers was ...

    I found the racks very east to install and they were marked front and back with the shorter going in the back. I leave today for a 1500 hundred mile round trip, with a loaded carrier on top, so we will see. They appear to be well mounted and sturdy.

  • Katarina_Kiki - A Great Read!

    It is jam packed with tons of stimulating info, amazing pictures, and fun science facts. The cover is very beautiful, plus has things that really test your knowledge, and even though I have had it for about a year, I still haven't uncovered all those facts!

  • My Pen Name - Rip-off pricing, choose the competitors to adobe, NEVER BUY ANOTHER ADOBE PRODUCT

    Subscription? No thanks! No longer will I use adobe for anything, people can see though this ripoff and will avoid your subscription-based junk.

  • Erica - Not perfect, but worth the price

    I would give this 5 stars, but it's a bit of a hassle to fit the shade around the rear view mirror, so I gave up on that rather quickly, worried I would accidentally pull the mirror from the windshield while fiddling with the thing. It works fine otherwise, just using the visors to hold it in place, and I'd rather have a stiff shade that doesn't fit behind the mirror than a wimpy one. Rolling it up small enough to get the velcro to adhere isn't always easy when you're in a hurry, but it's not bad. Of course, if you have people in the backseat, you'll need to put it in the trunk, because it's a beast. It definitely keeps the car cooler, though, and it's well-fitted to the C-Max's crazy big windshield. As annoying as it was to pay more than a few dollars for a generic sun shade, it was worth the investment. If in-car storage isn't an issue, I would recommend it.

  • Crayonmuffin - Good for what it is and meant to be

    I won't bother putting the deck list here as I believe others have already posted it. The deck list itself is rather impressive for a pre built deck. I believe this is the closest Wizards has gotten to creating a deck that is nearly playable outside of the box. I do mean that, it is VERY playable with MINOR changes. Obviously dropping a few dollars to get some Godless Shrines or Thoughtseizes in the deck would make it much, much more powerful but it isn't bad on it's own. A guy at a local game shop bought it off the shelf, took out City of Brassx2 and put in 4 Godless Shrines. Won the entire night with it. Granted the next week people saw him coming and countered him but he still went a ways with it.