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Medical Dictionary - The most comprehensive online Medical Dictionary on the web for definitions, abbreviations and medical terms.

  • Pimple On Scalp - Medical Dictionary - Pimples on the scalp are fairly common but they are painful as well as annoying. There are several causes for pimples on the scalp. Some of these causes
  • Trivial Pericardial Effusion Definition - Medical Dictionary - Trivial Pericardial Effusion: So that the beating heart does not create friction with other internal organs, this is being enclosed in a sac called pericardium.
  • Calcified Placenta Definition - Medical Dictionary - Calcified Placenta: The placenta plays an essential role during pregnancy. It is where the developing fetus attaches with the uterus. The placenta assumes
  • Ear Lavage Definition - Medical Dictionary - Ear Lavage or ear irrigation is normally done to help with the removal of earwax that often obstructs the ear canal or in order to remove some foreign object
  • Conjunctival Hyperemia Definition - Medical Dictionary - Conjunctival Hyperemia is the medical condition which involves redness especially of the sclera. This condition is often non-specific and could mean a lot of
  • Calcemia Definition - Medical Dictionary - Calcemia can be defined as the level of calcium in the blood. Calcemia can either be hypercalcemia or hypocalcemia. This is a medical condition wherein there’s
  • Ecchymotic Definition - Medical Dictionary - Ecchymotic literally means having the characteristics of being bruised. Ecchymosis is actually a medical term for a bruise and originally comes from the
  • Abrasion Chondroplasty Definition - Medical Dictionary - Abrasion Chondroplasty: This is the name of surgery for smoothing and shaving cartilage off the knee. It is normally done as day surgery procedure in those
  • Shattered Cartilage - Medical Dictionary - Shattered Cartilage is cartilage that can break up into several fragments especially in the ear when individuals are getting ears pierced in the upper edge or
  • Pain Under Left Rib - Medical Dictionary - Pain Under Left Rib: There are numerous causes for pain under the ribs on the left side. These may be caused by injuries, some condition underlying, or severe
  • Double Toenail Definition - Medical Dictionary - Double Toenails is a rare condition where an individual is born with a primary nail on their toe as well as a secondary nail located beside or overlapping the
  • Lump Under Chin - Medical Dictionary - Lump Under Chin: A lump of the skin is an atypical puffiness gotten in a precise space beneath the skin. These are outbreaks that develop as flat bumpy
  • Calcification Definition - Medical Dictionary - Calcification is the procedure where salts of calcium accumulate in the tissues that are soft, initiating it to solidify. Calcifications might be categorized
  • Echinocyte Definition - Medical Dictionary - Echinocytes are actually blood components. They are red blood cells (RBCs) or erythrocytes which have undergone the process called crenation. Crenation is the
  • Swollen Belly Button - Medical Dictionary - Swollen Belly Button: In most cases of a swollen belly button the problem is actually a “belly button hernia” – or more correctly referred to as an “umbilical
  • Mucoid Sputum Definition - Medical Dictionary - Mucoid Sputum has a white and dense consistency. Compared to usual sputum, this is a bit thicker and stickier partially because of an increased mucus production
  • Gastric Antrum Definition - Medical Dictionary - Gastric Antrum: Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia or GAVE is a rare origin of gastrointestinal bleeding that is chronic as well as anemia from the loss of blood.
  • Swollen Forehead - Medical Dictionary - Swollen Forehead: What causes the forehead to swell? When bumps appear on the forehead as well as swelling is explainable in most cases – but what causes the
  • Decubitus Angina Definition - Medical Dictionary - Decubitus Angina: Angina - or angina pectoris - is chest pain that is temporary or the sensation of pressure occurring while the heart muscle is not getting
  • Biliary Dyskinesia Definition - Medical Dictionary - Biliary Dyskinesia: Normally the gallbladder is triggered to contract and push bile into the duct of the bile, by many factors, most of the time food. Usually,

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