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  • Andy - Works fantastic for veg stage

    I have an older model before the veg/bloom switches were added. Works fantastic for veg stage. Explosive growth on my tomatoes and peppers. Will be ordering two new style ones for my bloom tent. Definitely worth every penny.

  • Pen Name - Wish that the seat didn't lean so far back, ...

    Wish that the seat didn't lean so far back, or could come up to sit closer... my little one fights the straps to get his snacking. ..

  • Woodworker Kacz - Died within a year. Villaware will not honor 3 yr warrenty

    I bought this unit in the hope that there was more positive feed back than negative. My mistake. The unit required to be turned all the way up and then after the ding left to cook one more minute. I could live with that procedure. Then one day I was making some waffles and in the middle of the second waffle the unit just quit. Lights are on but there isn't any heat. I called Villaware to take advantage of the 3 year warranty. They said the unit only has a 1 yr warranty. I read directly from the user guide on the back page "3 year limit warranty". Turns out that the "limit" is whether or not they want to honor the warranty.

  • Bruce - highly recommended!

    Fast Delivery, The item arrived earlier than the date given,I was quite surprised how good it is its not a bad picture and easy to use.All in all a very nice little camcorder for the price

  • Robin - I am very happy to have a book guide me through in this

    This book is quite short and yet very detailed and instructional. It actually contains all the necessary meditation techniques i would be needing. It also gave me hint on how to start meditating too. I am very happy to have a book guide me through in this. It is really awesome.