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  • 3redwoods - Not good for kids

    Not good for kids, they can't put the quarters in nicely. Then if they do get them in and make a mistake, it is hard to get the quarter out again.

  • K. Casey - It really helps!

    I've had pain in my lower back/right hip area for about 15 years. I ended up buying this machine because going to the chiropractor several times a month was getting very expensive. This thing has definitely saved me several trips to the chiro, effectively paying for itself after a couple of years. It doesn't *prevent* pain, but neither does the chiropractor. It alleviates even my severe pain enough for me to get "Back 2 Life" in as little as 12 minutes. I think it's a worthwhile purchase for anyone with chronic lower back pain.

  • @BookREADER28 - Wondeful debut!

    This is the first in the series and also the debut novel of Kendra Elliot, which it states at the end of the book. If I didn't read that fact for myself I would have never guessed it was her very first book. It's captivating from the very first page where you meet Lacey until the very last page of the epilogue! Long ago Lacey escaped from a serial killer and her friend wasn't so lucky. Now after all these years someone is finishing what the killer started by killing everyone tied to putting the killer behind bars back then. Lacey finds herself reliving everything that happened at the darkest time in her life and trying to stay safe. She meets ex-cop Jack and sparks fly between the two from the get go. Following the steamy romance between them and trying to find out who the killer is will have you on the edge of your seat. Glad to have discovered this great author and looking forward to the next novel in the series! If you are a fan of romance novels or thrilling suspense, you will definitely enjoy Hidden.

  • mch577 - Sage's unforgiveable attitude toward Timeslips customers

    This review is of the Sage Timeslips company and its attitude toward Timeslips users. A few years ago I bought Sage Timeslips 2011. It was way more than I needed but I had a substantial preexisting Timeslips database from an earlier version and assumed it would be easiest to integrate it into a Sage Timeslips product. This year, 2015, I had to wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall my software & data. Not fun, but not that big of a deal. When I reinstalled Sage Timeslips 2011 and then tried to get it to open my most recent database, it gave me an error that the database was created by a version more recent than the one I was trying to use to read it. OK, fine. I don't doubt I received a couple of online updates during the past few years. So I went to Sage's website to update my Timeslips 2011. There, I was astonished to find out that anything older than 2013 is considered obsolete and not supported. I called Sage and got even worse info over the telephone: They would not help me with updates unless I had the 2014, 2015, or 2016 version. Could I buy a 2014 or 2015 version for a discount? No. The only one for sale is 2016, at $600+. I explained that I'm mostly retired, don't need anything fancier than I already have, and just want to keep using it. No dice. They refused to even consider the options (including emailing my database to them so they could make it compatible with the 2011 disk). What other company considers software from 2011 (and 2012 and 2013, for that matter) to be obsolete to the point they won't even discuss it? Sage gets a "zero" star in my book.