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  • John Greene - SAGE ACT 2010 Sucks

    I bought SAGE ACT 2010 a couple of years ago, had problems installing it and put it on the side. I've been using different versions of ACT for 15 years and still use ACT 6 today.

  • MB Simmons - I love the smell

    This is the only thing I use to wash my baby from day 1! She showed a slight skin irritation to Johnson's and Johnson's so we tried this since I had received it as a gift. I love the smell, honey-like, and I love the way it doesn't make her bath water oily or super slick like other brands. I order in bulk now because I love Burt's Bees!!

  • Paul David loudin - The screen is nice..

    The screen is nice...the flex storage is awesome....wait...asus is not letting us use that option..i love asus products but i am done and will never buy another..getting rid of apps you need to free up storage is so 2008...update this tab for 5 stars guys

  • Angela J. Star - On the course to significant recovery

    This book will really help you if you are like me. Someone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, allergies (food and environmental) plus all the other symptoms associated with them. It starts with your gut. I'm just starting this journey but I think I have finally hit on the course that will bring me significant recovery.

  • Amazon Customer - Great

    Perfect fit to replace the old one. Somehow the needle got bent in the original Cup Holder, good to have 2 in case it happens again.

  • Michael A. Handley - So far so good...

    You never are sure when you buy an item like this. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't. So far I haven't contracted any virus so.....

  • buzzybee - Just like the G-Luxe just with out reclining and seat liner

    This doesn't come with any stroller liner which means it's ONLY to be used for the summer. I can't imagine pushing my baby in this during the winter time. I returned this for the G-Luxe seriously for that reason (plus the G-Luxe reclines). The stroller is made a great quality and is a great umbrella stroller. If you intend to get the G-Luxe and want to save money, not care about the reclining, and have a stroller liner then get this one. It's essentially the same thing.