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  • James R Stuart - Still Disappointing!

    I haven’t quite finished reading Broken Trust (page 306) but decided to go ahead and post a review. After reading the previous book (Deadly Assets) I gave it a 2 star review along with unkind comments. This book is not much better, but after re-reading the poor reviews of Deadly Assets I have re-thought my review.

  • TheFNG - Have sufferd with this for more than 10 yrs

    I have been suffering with this problem for a decade maybe more. I have ignored it for the most part not knowing what to do thinking it would eventually go away. over the past few years I have been doing some research. I have tried this stuff and others like it. Just couldn't get it to work. I agree with other reviewers here that it actually made my nails turn yellow and look much worse.

  • Julialynn psychic - Pricey but works

    this is an excellent lice ridder. Once I applied it and covered my daughters head with the shower cap, I saw the lice jumping out and onto the shower cap. It smells strong so I guess the lice don't like it. I followed this up with the mayonnaise application to get rid of remaining nits with the nit comb and she is now lice and nit free. Don't forget the mayonnaise. Apply liberally the night after the TLC shampoo and cover the head with a shower cap. The Mayo kills any remaing nits and gets them out of the hair shaft.

  • Jeffery Welch - One of The Best

    As, always a great almanac for a fan like me. Everything is at hand, reviews rats and predictions for all nfl teams.

  • Mert-ekert - Love it

    I've been using this oil for years. I mainly use it to moisturize my skin but it's also good for the scalp. I'm glad that the tea tree smell isn't too strong. I recommend this product.

  • Cecily Drucker - Not worth buying

    I purchased the Fitbit Flex from Amazon, and it was sourced via RoadRunner Sports; no problems there, and Road Runner Sports provided updates on delivery, etc. I used it constantly from the time I got it to yesterday; about 3 weeks. Not happy or impressed with any of it! First, the 'clasp' is really bad; Fitbit should get the same clasp that RoadID uses for its' wrist bands, which is a terrific clasp (and product). Second, the product I received is defectively made: As I was putting the little capsule with the computer chip back into the "pocket" (think Kangaroo) the rubber/latex portion of the wrist band separated from the translucent window which 'shows' the computer output, in terms of 1-5 LED lights. Third, the computer chip 'pouch' retains water if you wear it in the shower, etc., and then you either have to take it off, dry out the pouch and put it back on (again, dealing with the clasp), or have the water and latex band irritate the skin. So, I am returning it, and not buying another one. My advice to anyone who is contemplating any of these devices--ask yourself what kind of information you "really" don't have that you need to have, and find some way to get that information; this product, which is poorly made, doesn't really add a lot of valuable information to my life, and since it doesn't work very well, i don't see any point in spending $100. Use your money on something more meaningful!

  • K. Lai - Cant image getting through a tax season without it!

    Forget all the IRS gargon - this is straight talk, that makes sense to anyone. I have purchased this book for the past 8 years and even keep them as reference books.